Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo is the center of the Costa Smeralda area in the region of Gallura on the island of Sardinia. It is one of the richest port cities in all of the Mediterranean and the marina houses some of the most impressive and largest yachts in the world. Porto Cervo in Costa Smeralda is the focal point of some premiere sailing and boating competitions as well. Although the Costa Smeralda, and therefore the Porto Cervo areas, have rightly earned their reputations as veritable playgrounds for the rich, the area is also becoming increasingly popular with travelers who do not have unlimited funds.

Hotels in Porto Cervo are expensive, especially during the peak summer months. It is, however, still possible to spend time in the Emerald Coast and stay at relatively inexpensive accommodations not far away. Discerning and experienced travelers will make a trip to the island less pricey by securing favorable rates on travel to the island, and then perhaps by taking advantage of vacation packages at some of the resorts or even at nearby hotels.

If you plan to stay at one of the luxury hotels in Porto Cervo during the peak season summer months then you are likely to pay between $2000 and $3000 per night. Popular destinations such as the Cala Di Volpe, Hotel Pitrizza, and Cervo Hotel cater to some of the most affluent travelers in the world from Russian oligarchs to Middle Eastern royalty. But these choice few do not comprise the whole of the crowd in Porto Cervo in Costa Smeralda. There are in fact a lot of people, many of them watching their budgets, from North America, Europe, and around the world who have made this exclusive area their holiday destination of choice. People watching is part of the fun on a vacation in Porto Cervo.

There are some hotels in Porto Cervo where you can find relatively inexpensive rates that are near the beach and offer nice amenities. The Hotel Monti Di Mola is a modern accommodation built in typical Mediterranean fashion located less than a mile from the beach. Guests enjoy a beautiful swimming pool, complimentary breakfast, and nicely appointed rooms. With enough advance planning, it is possible to secure good rates at these kinds of hotels (a little distance from the beach and less resort-oriented) especially during non-peak season months.

On the other end of the spectrum are the resorts and luxury hotels in Porto Cervo that are replete with every imaginable extravagant amenity. Guests of places like the Cala Di Volpe have access to private beaches, water sports, extensive spa treatments, world-class dining, and unbelievably luxurious rooms and suites. The beaches in Porto Cervo and the whole Costa Smeralda area are the perfect setting for these exquisite accommodations. Some of the most affluent jet setters in the world dock their yachts at the marina and make their summertime residence at these exclusive hotels and resorts.

Porto Vecchio is the older section of the Costa Smeralda while Porto Cervo is the newer, more modern, and more expensive side of the coastal area. The views from Porto Cervo are breathtaking and include such gorgeous vistas as the Cappo Ferro promontory and the translucent and crystalline waters that wash up onto the beaches and into the bays and islets that carve into the coast. Porto Cervo in Costa Smeralda is one of the most beautiful and one of the most exclusive resort destinations in the world.

Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo is the center of the Costa Smeralda area in the region of Gallura...

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