Sardinia Resorts

Sardinia resorts provide the setting for some of the most impressive and luxurious island vacations in the world. Staying at a luxury resort in Sardinia is like stepping out of time and leaving behind every care and concern that may have been hanging on before you arrived. Just as it is the norm in cities like Naples and Rome to take time out of every day to relax and enjoy a siesta, so too is the Italian culture evidenced in Sardinia as people enjoy the temperate weather and inviting waters of the crystalline Mediterranean Sea.

The Villa Las Tronas Hotel and Spa is a luxury resort in Sardinia that combines a stunning natural landscape and setting with thoughtful amenities and excellent customer care to provide its guests with exceptional service. There is an indoor swimming pool with an amazing view of Capo Caccia to the west and the Bay of Alghero to the north. An open-air outdoor swimming pool that is filled with seawater and looks out onto the Mediterranean greets guests of the Villa Las Tronas. The rooms are very nicely appointed and there is a restaurant and bar in-hotel and a billiards room and lounge. The terrace is also a lovely aspect of this gorgeous hotel in Alghero.

The Cervo Hotel in Costa Smeralda is a 5 star resort in Sardinia that offers its guests virtually every conceivable amenity. This is an expansive luxury resort in Sardinia located in Porto Cervo that features multiple swimming pools, restaurants, bars, lounges, entertainment for the whole family, and access to water activities. The stunning outdoor terraces open up to vistas of the Mediterranean and there is something to keep everyone busy right in the resort. For parents looking to break away on their own, there are daycare and babysitting services available as well. The all-inclusive benefits of these kinds of Sardinia resorts make a holiday retreat to the island much more relaxing as everything from food to entertainment is provided.

The Hotel Castello is another Sardinia beach resort offering its guests all of the expected modern amenities including swimming pools, restaurants, fitness center, spa treatment services, and business facilities. It is located in Santa Margherita di Pula about 45 minutes from Cagliari Elmas Airport. You can choose from double luxury rooms or elaborate suites with awe-inspiring views of the sea. This is another fantastic resort that offers a location right on the beach near nightlife, dining, and shopping.

Making reservations at a Sardinia beach resort will likely be expensive during the peak season months of summer. So if you are looking to assemble a trip to Sardinia on something of a budget, it may be best to book before May or after the end of September to ensure the best possible rates. However, a Sardinia beach resort on a more remote part of the island, for instance, may not be nearly as expensive as the Costa Smeralda resorts. Do some research into where you plan to stay even if it falls during peak season months. You may be able to find a quality deal on one of the Sardinia resorts that is not in the center of the more affluent areas like the Emerald Coast and Porto Cervo. The decision about where to stay may seem like a daunting one at first, but all of your concerns will dissipate when you finally arrive on this magnificent island of the Mediterranean.

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