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Sardinia tours are an exciting part of any trip to the island as virtually every corner of it is magnificent. Sardinia is typically known for its white sand beaches, luxury hotels, and resorts. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. As such, many tours, expeditions, and excursions have popped up as demand for seeing the wonders of the island has increased with the number of people who visit. Tours in Sardinia range from explorations of exotic places like the Islands of Sant’Antioco and San Pietro, to hiking trips through the island’s interior mountains, to boat trips to other Mediterranean destinations like Corsica. There are also tour packages in Sardinia that allow visitors the ability to take advantage of favorable rates on a whole range of alluring expeditions.

Sardinia is such a naturally magnificent country that those who have enough time to dedicate on the island might consider a full tour of the island. There are Sardinia tours that do in fact explore the entire island by boat. You can sail around the emerald and translucent turquoise coastlines of the island, stopping at the most popular attractions and alluring port cities. Typical Sardinia tours of this nature offer boat transport, hotels for seven nights, usually a predetermined number of dinners or lunches, and boat ride or two to one of the island destinations. Most do not include tips, most meals, drinks, and entrance fees for places you choose to visit on your own.

Some of the most popular tours in Sardinia are those that arrive at Costa Smeralda, or the Emerald Coast. You can arrange for tour packages in Sardinia that make stops at the Emerald Coast. From there you can take a ferry from Palau to Maddalena Island. From here there is a breathtaking panoramic view of the Emerald Coast. Then head back to the island on a sunset ferry and enjoy dinner in Olbia. The exquisite Italian cuisine and wine will be a perfect ending to a day of barefoot exploration of some of the most magnificent Mediterranean coastlines in the Pacific.

An exploration of the old fishing port and now mid-sized port city of Alghero is also one of the most enthralling tours in Sardinia. Start the day with a breakfast on your hotel terrace overlooking the sea before heading to places like the Nuraghe Ruins, Neptune’s Grotto (an unbelievable, semi-submerged underwater cave), and the Capo Caccia limestone promontory. Alghero Bay and Porto Conte provide the setting for some of the most incredible Sardinia tours. There have been over 300 caves discovered in this area, some completely underwater and others semi-submerged, where tourists are able to see the amazing limestone formations and stalactites amongst the steamy and enchanted caverns. There are also several gorgeous churches including the church of St. Francis and the church of St. Michael.

Many people book tour packages in Sardinia that give them access to the interior of the island. It is safe to say that the majority of the people who vacation in Sardinia rarely leave the alluring coastline where all of the beaches and resorts are located. But the interior of the island is a series of natural wonders including mountains that date back to the Paleolithic Age (over 500 million years ago) that are so worn by time that they are flattened. There are expansive valleys and flatlands that boast incredible Mediterranean vegetation such as cork oaks and juniper trees. During most of the year, the entire island is alight with stunning colors of flowers and lush fauna. The hiking tours in Sardinia that venture into the interior of the island are well worth your while.

Whether it is a trip to the Emerald Coast, Neptune’s Grotto, a hiking expedition to the interior or a sail around the coast of Olbia, any tour in Sardinia is sure to be an amazing time. Make your plans in advance and see if there are tour packages available to take advantage of the best seasonal rates.

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