Sardinia Transportation

There are plenty of Sardinia transportation options available to you if you are traveling to this second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Whether you are looking for cheap car hire in Sardinia, information about airports, flights between islands, or are attempting to book a tour of the island on one of the Sardinia trains, there is a mode of transport that should more than suit your fancy.

If you are flying into Sardinia from one of the international airports in Europe or North America, you will likely be arriving at Elmas Airport in Caligari. This is the largest of three international airports and two regional airports on the island. Sardinia transportation services have had to keep up with the massive demand of the thriving tourism industry that has impacted Sardinia in the past decades. The two regional air carriers provide an option for those looking for reasonably inexpensive rates between islands in the Mediterranean or to mainland Italy, for instance. If it is your desire to find car rental Sardinia has more than enough options for you. At Elmas Airport the car rental desks can be found on the first level. The best way to ensure cheap car hire in Sardinia, however, is to book reservations for your car along with your hotel and flight as far in advance as you can if possible.

Sardinia is such a geographically diverse island that many people who are visiting attempt to see as much of the island as possible while they are on their trip. There is a host of options for Sardinia transportation. You can take a bus in Sardinia from one part of the island to the other. Or, if you are just trying to get from one part of a town like Cagliari or Alghero to the via car rental, Sardinia is well equipped to handle this as well. Check in with the concierge at your hotel or resort to get information about the best deals on cheap car hire in Sardinia once you arrive. If will you only need a car sporadically, it may be best to just wait until you get to the island. Favorable rates can still be found with the right information from a knowledgeable local or some pre-planning.

A number of ferry companies also operate on the island and complement the blend of Sardinia transportation options. The major carriers connect Sardinian harbors such as Cagliari, Porto Torres, and Palau with cities such as Genoa, Naples, Barcelona, Palermo, Marseille, and Toulon. This can be a cost effective way to travel from one port city to the next on your adventures in the Mediterranean. Ferries also provide a more scenic and relaxed environment from which to take in the wondrous sights of the Mediterranean Sea.

Although public transportation buses reach most of the towns and all of the bigger cities on the island on a daily basis, one of the more exciting ways to travel the Sardinian countryside is by train. There are two main companies that provide train service on the island. They are Trenitalia and Ferrovie della Sardegna. These two companies link up the entire island of Sardinia with an extensive network of railways. The reason this is such an alluring prospect for traveling the Sardinian countryside is that you will be able to see parts of the interior of the island that you would not normally see if you were traveling on the main roads. Whether you are looking for buses, trains, planes, or car rental, Sardinia has an option that will suit you.

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