Sardinia Vacations

Sardinia vacations may be the most desirable and luxurious of all Mediterranean vacation. Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and easily one of the most popular tourist destinations here. It is known for its amazing beaches, rocky embankments, and amazing upscale resorts. Sardinia vacation packages include trips around the coast by boat, luxury resort packages, bed and breakfasts, and expeditions that explore the entire island. Or you can simply enjoy the radiant Mediterranean sun and warm waters.

Beach vacations to Sardinia are unquestionably the most popular of all. People flock to this Eden, especially during the peak season summer months, to bask in the sun and enjoy the Mediterranean vegetation and flora, sumptuous cuisine, and world-class shopping and entertainment. One of the most popular and alluring destinations is the Costa Smeralda (or Emerald Coast). The Emerald Coast is the setting for many of the most affluent Sardinia vacations. Porto Cervo is one of the biggest attractions of the Emerald Coast, complete with its seemingly countless million-dollar yachts and high-fashion boutiques and fine dining establishments. Places like this exist around the island from Olbia to Cagliari to Alghero.

All inclusive vacations to Sardinia are possible and popular options. Booking an all-inclusive resort allows you to take advantage of package deals that include accommodations, food and drinks, entertainment, water activities, and access to private beaches amongst a whole host of other amenities. For instance, you can choose from Sardinia vacation packages that include a stay at a 5 star resort like the Villa Las Tronas Hotel and Spa. This is a gorgeous establishment on the shores of the Mediterranean in Alghero where you can enjoy lushly appointed suites, swimming pools, restaurants, guest service, and access to a private beach. Beach vacations to Sardinia do not get much better than an experience like that of a retreat in a place like the Las Tronas. There are a variety of amazing resorts around the island and this is just one example of a 5 star accommodation that is situated perfectly on the edge of the sea.

Although beach vacations to Sardinia top the lists of most people booking trips to the island, there are those people who like to explore as much of the island as possible. Luckily there are a number expert travel and tour services that can customize a tour according to your exact desires and specifications. Some Sardinia vacations include full tours of all of the exciting port cities and other significant sights and attractions. You can tailor a trip that includes transportation around the island, wine tasting, and cooking classes, boating expeditions to various islands and ports around Sardinia, and hiking into the island’s interior.

With the right advance planning, it is possible to find good Sardinia vacation deals. If you are seeking a cheap vacation to Sardinia, hostels or sharing an apartment rental might be something to look into. All-inclusive resorts and packaged tour deals are viable options for people looking to save money as well. Plan in advance especially if you are booking travel during the summer.

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