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When booking your Sardinia travel you need to be aware of the best times of the year to go to the island. The high season for tourism does not last throughout the entire year and this affects things like transportation options, available accommodations, and other such considerations that are crucial to know as you determine just when to go to Sardinia.

Temperatures never get too cold throughout the Sardinia seasons, but this does not mean that it is optimal beach weather throughout the year. The climate is very typical of other island destinations in the Mediterranean with nearly 300 days of sunny weather over the course of the year. The winter and fall are the rainy seasons in Sardinia. There is some rainfall in the spring. The best time to visit Sardinia truly depends upon the kind of experience you want to have on this beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. Sardinia travel is more expensive during the peak tourism season of July and August when many people from mainland Italy depart for Sardinia to enjoy a holiday in the perfect sunbathing conditions. You can, however, find vacation packages throughout the year and may be able to secure relatively inexpensive fares during off-season months.

As you decide when to go to Sardinia, you may want to look at the possibility of booking your trip for either the spring months of March, April, May, or early autumn. Many people who have gone to Sardinia report that these months are preferable in terms of favorable weather conditions and a decided decrease in mass tourism traffic on the island. Also, the vegetation on the island is breathtaking with gorgeous flowers and lush, green grass during these months. In May, much of the rainy conditions are beginning to subside and temperatures can reach into the high 80s. Many of the hotels and resorts are gearing up for the coming peak season so accommodations are abundant, the weather is ripe for beach bumming, and the island is not overrun with people. Although the early autumn months are a bit cooler, the temperature remain in the high 70s to low 80s and you can still dip a toe in the sea and enjoy the warm Mediterranean sun. The vegetation is gorgeous and the temperatures indicate the coming cooling months of winter on the island. Late spring or early autumn may just be the best time to visit Sardinia.

During the off-season months, public transportation is not as widely available as it is during the busier season. This is something you need to aware of as you decide when to go to Sardinia as your travel plans may become complicated if you book travel between the islands that involves buses, ferries, and the like that do not maintain the same schedule throughout the year. Many of these carriers cater to the tourist population that obviously creates a greater demand during the peak season of summer. Plan your Sardinia travel in advance to make sure that the carriers you need are operating when you are on the island. If you are traveling around the island in the off-season, it may be best to rent a car, especially if you are trying to see as much of the island as possible.

The island of Sardinia is a beautiful place, rich in history and culture, with a diverse and fascinating geography. The rocky coastlines, inlets, bays, and crystal blue Mediterranean waters make the best time to visit Sardinia just about any time of the year. The landscape will draw you in and the nightlife, hotels, resorts and pleasant local population will make your stay even more memorable.

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