Sardinia Wine

Sardinia wine is a must for any wine lovers embarking on a trip to this gorgeous island situated off the southwestern coast of Italy. Vino Nero wine from Sardinia has become increasingly popular and catching the attention of many wine enthusiasts hearing about it for the first time. Vino Nero literally means “black wine,” the name being taken from the dark color of this famous Sardinian wine. Vino Nero wine from Sardinia is not only delicious, but it is also thought to be very good for you. The dark color of the wine suggests a blend rich in antioxidants that benefit arterial and digestive health.

Italy is known the world over for producing some of the finest wines. Whether it is Sicily, Bologna, Naples, or Venice, vineyards can be found throughout the countryside. Wine is an important part of the Italian culture. Spain and France also produce distinct and fine wine as well, but perhaps no other country entwines the traditions that go along with consuming wine into the fabric of their society quite as much as the Italians. And this is true for Sardinia and Sardinia wine as well.

There is a rich wine history in Sardinia. It was thought that grapes were originally brought to the island and to mainland Italy from Mesopotamia. Then, in 2004, for the first time in was discovered (using scientific methods that date ancient found grapes in Sardinia) that the grapes found here are in fact the oldest in the world. The found grapes were dated back as far as 1200 B.C. This shed brand new light on wine history in Sardinia. It is now widely held that grapes were in fact originally grown in Sardinia for the purpose of making wine and were then exported to places like the Mesopotamian region. So, if you are raising a glass of wine this evening consider proposing a toast in honor of the wine history in Sardinia where the wine trade took root.

Sardinia wine is an important part of the presentation of many meals and dishes on the island. There are a number of regions on the island where grapes are grown and wine is made. The island enjoys temperate weather and good irrigation, two prerequisites for making good wine with any kind of consistency. There are vineyards around the island that produce an astonishing array of wine. The Nuoro Province Sardinia wines are some of the most popular. Some wines indigenous to the island that are favorites of residents and visitors alike include Arborea (a fruity, easy-drinking blend), Campidano Di Terralba (a dry, aged red wine), and Carignano (a robust and earthy blend that you can get in a number of varieties including dry red, dry rose and reserve dry red). The island of Sardinia is only about the size of New Hampshire, making it all the more surprising that so much quality wine is produced year after year. Sardinia wine has a long and proud history.

Vino Nero wine from Sardinia is thought by many to be a key to Sardinia being one of the “blue zones” in the world where life expectancy is much longer. If you are planning a trip to Sardinia, do yourself a favor and enjoy one of the brilliant wines grown and produced right on the island. You will not be disappointed.

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