Sicily Beaches

If your idea of the perfect beach vacation involves more than just sand and surf, it’s time to head to Italy. Across the country there are Italian beaches that combine some serious culture with all that relaxation. Travelers seeking to get off the beaten path should check out Sicily beaches. Between the warm, Mediterranean climate, the delicious seafood, and the architectural beauty of all the towns, the beaches of Sicily truly have it all. When it comes to researching the best Sicilian beaches, the first thing travelers should know is that Sicily is a big island. It is best to choose a region of the island and slow down to the local pace to soak it all in.

Another thing to know when it comes to Sicily beaches is that you shouldn’t expect the wide, sandy beaches of the Caribbean. Italy is known for intimate coves with small beaches, sometimes sandy, sometimes rocky. In fact, some of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily can be made of small pebbles. Bring along a beach chair and you won’t miss the sand for a second. One of the best Sicilian beaches is the resort town of Taormina. Clinging to the cliffs, Taormina is the perfect destination for travelers that want to combine some sunbathing with some sightseeing too. Taormina is undeniably beautiful, with stunning architecture and historical attractions too.

From April through October, the beaches of Taormina are heavenly. Visitors can stay in hotels above the beach in Taormina proper and ride the cable car down to the beach for sunbathing, boating, and swimming. Some visitors might be looking for even quieter Sicily beaches. If you want to get seriously off the beaten path, check out Spiaggia Sabbie Nere. This black sand beach, made up of volcanic rock, is not only a great place to catch some rays, but a seriously interesting destination to boot. Many travelers don’t even know that black sand beaches exist in Sicily. Be sure to take some photographs to prove it to everyone back home.

Every local will have their own list of the best Sicilian beaches. People from the southeastern region of Sicily praise Marina di Ragusa, a wide stretch of golden sand with plenty of ice cream parlors and seafood restaurants flanking the water. People who live near Taormina praise the beaches that are just beyond the town’s main beaches, including Giardini-Naxos and Capo Schiso. These beaches don’t have the same medieval town attached to the beach, but the beaches are excellent spots for a day of swimming and devouring seafood in one of the many waterfront cafés.

If your sights are set on northeast Sicily, be sure to check out Mortelle. Located only about 7 miles north of Messina, this beach resort is perfect for escaping the heat of the city. If you jus can’t embrace the idea of a beach with pebbles, choose this Sicilian beach, known for its white, sandy shores. If you want to combine a trip to Palermo with a few days at the beach, check out Mondello Lido, where citizens of Palermo hit the beach. The wide, sandy beaches here are known for being particularly fashionable. Whatever region of Sicily you choose, your beach vacation will be enriched with local culture, music, cuisine, and more.

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