Siena Accommodation

Deep in the heart of wine country, you have the choice of a multitude of the region's fine Chiantis to choose from each night. And you'll definitely need a place to sleep them off. Luckily, there is a Siena accommodation available for most any travel budget you can think of – outside of the wealth of Florence, Siena Italy hotels are generally a great combination of value and intrigue.

As usual, the closer you stay to the top tourist attractions, the higher the quality of the Siena hotel. And the best hotels in Siena Italy are located within the walls of the city's medieval center. The Grand Hotel continental is a stone's throw from the historic piazzas and cathedrals of the old town, and offers terraced suites for the big spenders. The Hotel Etruria is also nearby, allowing you to stay in the scenic center of the city while offering you the benefits of any top Siena hotel. It also offers easy access to many of the most popular restaurants in the old city.

The Hotel Duomo is modest, picturesque and – predictably - just south of the city"s enchanting Duomo and Baptistry, two characteristic symbols of the city's Gothic past. And just north of the old city is the Garden Hotel. All yawning oases and aristocratic views, it is a Siena accommodation definitely worth investigating.

Other top lodgings options actually reside just outside the city limits. The Certosa di Maggiano is a renovated monastery with medieval courtyards and exquisite gardens. In addition, there is a shuttle available to the old town, which more than makes up for its distended location – it's far and away more enchanting and enjoyable than most of the best hotels in Siena Italy. Another place to stay that more than holds its own next to any Siena accommodation is the Villa Belvedere. A mere eight miles away, this hotel is also a wonderful base to explore the rest of the Tuscan countryside, especially the burgeoning tourist paradise of the city of San Gimignano.

Another thing you may want to consider when booking a Siena hotel is Il Palio, one of the most popular events in Italy. People flock from all over, crowding Siena Italy hotels to their breaking point. If you plan on staying at any of the best hotels in Siena Italy, make sure to book far in advance for the days surrounding the races, held in the center of Piazza del Campo bi-annually on July 2 and August 16.

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