Sorrento Airport

Since there isn't a Sorrento airport, those who are trying to fly to the Sorrento area must rely on other nearby airports. These airports include the airport in Naples and the Salerno Costa d'Amalfi Airport. The Naples Airport is the region's main airport and handles most of the international flights that arrive in the area, so it gets the most attention.

The Naples Airport, which is known as Aeroporto Capodichino, is only some 30 kilometers from the center of Sorrento. This proximity helps to cement its role as the main Sorrento airport of choice. Both international and domestic flights arrive at this most important regional airport, and there are plenty of options in terms of departures as well. Upon arrival at the Naples Airport, travelers should have little trouble making the commute to Sorrento, as the transportation options are quite complete. Naples is the main transportation hub for southern Italy, after all. Public transportation is available ride outside of the airport, and there is a tourist information desk back inside for those who might need some travel tips.

The Salerno Costa d'Amalfi Airport is approximately 30 miles from Sorrento and handles domestic flights that come from various destinations around Italy, including Rome. As far as the international flight options are concerned, there are a few airlines that offer flights to the Salerno Airport from a number of European destinations, including Madrid, Zurich, Paris, and Mykonos. This can come in very handy for European residents as well as travelers who are interested in visiting more than one country.

There are a few options for making a Sorrento airport transfer. Renting a car and driving yourself is a possibility, though most would agree that this isn't the preferred option, especially during the peak summer season when traffic is at its worst. Other options include arranging limo or taxi service, taking a train, a bus, or some kind of watercraft. It takes about 50 minutes to get from Naples to Sorrento by way of train, and approximately one hour to make the connection via bus. For those who opt to go by way of boat, both ferries and hydrofoils offer routes between Sorrento and any number of area destinations, including Naples, with the peak summer season being the time when availability is at its best.

To get from Salerno to Sorrento, the transportation options are quite similar. Salerno, much like Naples, is actually a major regional port, so going by way of boat is certainly a possibility, though it should be mentioned that the regional ferries and hydrofoils suspend operations during the low winter season. Trains are also heavily relied upon by travelers who are trying to figure out how to get to Sorrento from Salerno, and bus transfers can also be arranged.

As a side note, there are Sorrento vacation packages that include things such as flights, airport transfers, and accommodations. Some packages even include special tours, most or all meals, and admission prices to some of the best regional attractions. Various companies offer these kinds of package deals, so travelers who are interested can compare and contrast to find their perfect fit.

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