Sorrento Cathedral

The Sorrento Cathedral is one of the main landmarks in Sorrento, Italy. Dedicated to Saints Filippo and Giacomo, this historic edifice from the fifteenth century is known for its lovely Romanesque facade. That's not all that tourists will want to pay attention to, however. The squat bell tower has some interesting features of its own, the likes of which include a majolica clock, and inside the Sorrento Cathedral, some beautiful bas-reliefs await. Also worthy of admiration is the amazing wooden choir.

The Sorrento Cathedral is also known as the Cathedral of San Filippo and San Giacomo, you can find this landmark edifice adjacent to the Via Pieta on the Corso Italia. The gleaming white exterior of the facade helps to make it easy to find. While admiring the exterior of the facade, visitors might pay special attention to the marble pillars found on either side of the main door. At their bases are the Archbishop Branaccio coat of arms. Complementing the columns is a fresco above the main door. After checking out the facade's pillars, Sorrento Cathedral visitors might take some time to admire the four antique columns that are found at the base of the clock tower.

When looking for things to do in Sorrento, visitors won't want to pass on the chance to take a tour of the Sorrento Cathedral's interior. Many valuable pieces of art are found inside this grand edifice, with the fourteenth and fifteenth century bas-reliefs being the most renowned of the artistic works. As for the wooden choir, the immaculate intarsia begs to be admired. Intarsia is a type of wood-inlaying technique. The artist employs the use of wood pieces that are different shapes and sizes to achieve a mosaic-like effect. Various species of wood are often used to add to the overall depth.

The Sorrento Cathedral is open daily and does not charge an admission fee. Making a donation is common and recommended in the long run. It should be noted that during the holiday season, those who visit the cathedral can admire the admire a nativity scene on top of everything else.

There are other historic and religious structures in Sorrento that also merit a visit. Among them is the Basilica di Sant-Antonino, which is located just off Via Luigi de Maio at Piazza Sant'Antonio. An imposing edifice, this basilica was built in the eleventh century, though you might notice that it features plenty of Baroque features. As is true of so many religious structures in Europe, the Basilica di Sant-Antonino was altered after its original construction was completed. This church is also open daily, and while it does not charge a fee to enter, it is customary to make a donation of some kind. Each donation helps to preserve the history of Italy, which is something that each donating visitor can feel proud about.

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