Sorrento Cruises

Sorrento cruises don't just stop in Sorrento and are often part of larger Mediterranean cruises or even world cruises. Other typical stops include ports around Italy, such as Citavecchia, and often other European destinations that are found outside of Italy are also featured on the itinerary. There are even Sorrento cruises that originate outside of Europe, with the U.S. being just one example of a country where a cruise to Sorrento can begin.

The typical length of Sorrento cruises is around a week or two weeks, though this can vary considerably. Some cruises that feature Sorrento as a chosen destination actually last more than 100 days and can cover the better part of the world!

A number of cruise companies offer cruises that stop in Sorrento. Among them are P&O Cruises, Silversea Cruises, Princess Cruises, and Seabourn Cruises. Citavecchia, which is the main port near Rome, is a common starting point for these cruises. It certainly isn't the only place where Sorrento cruises originate, however. Genoa and Monte Carlo are just a few other possible points of embarkation when it comes to Italy, while ports at London and Barcelona are among the other European options.

The large-scale ships that are used for cruises that visit Sorrento, Italy are essentially small, floating cities. Among other things, they tend to feature shops, restaurants, bars, swimming pools, and hotel-style accommodations. There might even be a fully equipped gym for those who are interested in staying on top of their workouts while on vacation, and some cruise ships have a casino on board for anyone wishing to tempt Lady Luck while out at sea.

Once a cruise ship docks at a pre-specified port of call, passengers can indulge in all kinds of activities that don't relate to staying on the boat. In Sorrento, strolling around the historic downtown area can be a joy, as can dining out at one of the town's excellent restaurants. Other options for things to do once off the ship include checking out the Sorrento Cathedral, sampling some limoncello, kicking back on the small beach at lively Marina Grande, or taking a tour of nearby Pompeii.

The cruise port in Sorrento can be found at Marina Piccola, which is also where ferries and hydrofoils dock during the warmer season. Marina Piccola offers easy access to the downtown area, and it's just a short bus ride to the heart of town, or Piazza Tasso. Cruise passengers can also walk from the cruise pier to Piazza Tasso, though since it is uphill, this walk can be somewhat tiring. Most Sorrento cruises offer arranged tours for passengers who are interested, and this can help alleviate any confusion when trying to figure out what to do once on dry land.

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