Sorrento Ferries

Sorrento ferries provide access to the beautiful Sorrentine Peninsula, as well as other destinations that are found around Italy's scenic Campania region. Also an option when it comes to getting to the Sorrento area by way of boat are hydrofoils. These ships are typically twice as fast as ferries, and as such, they cost more to ride on average. Either way, those who choose to get to Sorrento by way of boat are treated to some spectacular views on the way in, and there certainly isn't a more romantic way to arrive.

Summer is when the Sorrento ferries and hydrofoils are at their busiest. This is due to the fact that summer is the peak travel season for the Campania region. As you might suspect, winter is when service is at its most limited. In the event that there is no service at all, Sorrento visitors can rely on the other transportation options, which include flying and taking trains. Sorrento's ferry and hydrofoil dock can be found at Marina Piccola, which is the city's larger harbor. The harbor in general is part of the downtown area, and there are hotels close by for those who wish to stay within easy reach.

Ferry to Capri

As for where you can go when it comes to the Sorrento ferries, Capri is a popular option. One of the ferry lines offers daily service between Sorrento and Capri, and the trip doesn't take very long. Total trip time is 40 minutes by way of ferry, while the hydrofoils can execute the route in just 20 minutes. It should be noted that travelers who are interested in taking a ferry to Capri can also depart from Naples, as well as from at least two destinations along the Amalfi Coast.

Ferry to Positano

Positano is also among the wonderful regional destinations that can be reached by way of ferry from Sorrento. Regular and frequent service is available, and the trip generally takes about an hour. It is also possible to catch a ferry to Positano in any other number of destinations for those who might not find themselves in Sorrento. These destinations include Naples, Salerno, and Amalfi, to name a few. Among the main ferry and hydrofoil operators are Alicost, Metro del Mare, and Cooperativa Sant'Andrea.

Ferry to Naples

Naples and Salerno are the two main ferry and cruise hubs in the Campania region. As such, many boat travelers find themselves at the ports of these two cities at some point during their trips. As for Naples in particular, its Stazione Marittima is the main port for cruise ships and ferry boats. You can find it right off Via Cristoforo Colombo, with the Castel Nuovo being among the nearby landmarks. Many of the ferries come from Capri, Ischia, and Sicily. Naples hydrofoils, on the other hand, dock at the Terminal Aliscafi, and they handle the bulk of the trips between the city and such destinations as Sorrento, Positano, and Salerno.

Ferry to Ischia

Naples and Sorrento are among the top places to catch a ferry to Ischia. These are just two of many possible embarkation points, however, so the options are good. Perhaps this is why the island has three main harbors. These harbors are known as Ischia Porto, Forio, and Casamicciola. Ischia Porto is the largest and busiest. As for those who choose Sorrento as their ferry to Ischia embarkation point, the daily trips that are offered by Alilauro tend to leave at around 9:30 a.m. A return trip is made in the afternoon at around 5:30.

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