Sorrento Flights

Sorrento flights are available in good number, which is music to the ears of those who are thinking of escaping to Italy's beautiful Campania region. The arrival point for most of these flights is the regional capital of Naples, though it is also possible to fly to Salerno depending on where you are coming from and what you have in mind. Either way, those who arrive in the region by way of plane have more than enough ground transportation options to help them reach their ultimate destinations.

When searching for Sorrento flights, most international travelers focus on the Capodichino Airport, which is found in Naples. This is due to the fact that most international flights that are destined for the area arrive there. These flights can be either direct or non-direct, with the options for direct flights being more limited, especially for those who are coming from the United States. New York City is the embarkation point for the majority of the U.S. flights that are headed direct to the Capodichino Airport. Most travelers who hail from the U.S. have to make a connection in Rome or Milan first. A connecting flight from Rome to Naples only takes about 50 minutes, while the connecting flights from Milan last around an hour and a half.

Some major airlines, such as Italy's Alitalia, offer plenty of direct flights that take off in the U.S. and arrive in either Rome and Milan. There are also nonstop flights to Rome or Milan that originate out of other countries. There are daily flights to Rome that depart from Canada's largest city of Toronto, for example, and those who are based in Australia can entertain the option of flying direct to Rome from either Melbourne or Sydney.

Regardless of where they are coming from, travelers who are interested in flying to the Sorrento area are likely to appreciate a good deal on airfare. Cheap flights to Sorrento Italy are easiest to find outside of the peak summer season, as demand is down, but this doesn't mean that budget travelers have to limit themselves to a winter visit. Airfare deals of all kinds are out there for the savvy traveler to take advantage of. Among the oldest tricks in the book is securing airfare well in advance of the intended travel date, as flight prices only tend to go up as the departure date nears. You can search for flight deals with the booking deal right on this page.

Another good idea when it comes to looking for cheap flights to Sorrento Italy is to keep vacation packages in mind. Package deals are in good supply for Sorrento and the Campania region in general, and they tend to have built-in discounts. Airfare is included in many of these Italy vacation packages, as are things such as airport transfers and a hotel room. Those who wish to take things further might keep an eye out for packages that also include special tours, meals, and other things. Many an organized tour takes care of virtually everything, leaving the traveler with little to worry about, save for making their flight and having a good time.

Once they arrive at the airport in Naples or Salerno, those who are trying to get to Sorrento can take a bus, a train, or a boat to execute the final portion of their trip. Renting a car is also possible, though many would agree that this is a bad idea during the summer season. Traffic is notoriously bad throughout the region at this time of year. Other ground transportation options include hiring a limo or a taxi. Taxis are generally the best way to get from the airport to the bus and train stations.

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