Sorrento Holidays

Sorrento holidays have long been popular, and it doesn't appear that the town's travel appeal will wear off anytime soon. Set on the north coast of Italy's Sorrentine Peninsula, Sorrento overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea from its lovely cliffside perch, and off in the near distance rises the volcanic Mt Vesuvius. The picturesque setting alone is enough to warrant a visit, and it certainly has a lot to do with the fact that general sightseeing is among the top things to do.

Sorrento's history as a holiday destination begins way back in the first century B.C. During this time, it was colonized by the Romans and became a resort for the elite. Today, the rich and famous continue to visit, though it isn't necessary to be wealthy if you want to enjoy a Sorrento escape. Some highly affordable hotels mix with the more expensive luxury hotels, and while the Sorrento vacation rentals can be quite pricy, there are some budget-friendly options in that department as well.

Regardless of where Sorrento visitors choose to stay, they will be close to a host of alluring attractions. In town, the Sorrento Cathedral is among the main sights, and no visit would complete without some time spend at Marina Grande. Sightseeing tours often focus on nearby Pompeii as well, and side trips to islands such as Ischia and Capri can always prove rewarding. Sorrento is well served by ferries and hydrofoils, especially during the summer, so getting to nearby islands and other coastal hot spots on the mainland isn't difficult.

Sorrento holidays can include all kinds of fun activities. Boating is just one option, and various watercraft can be rented at both Marina Grande and Marina Piccola. Back on dry land, hiking is among the top things to do. Numerous hiking trails are found in the general region, and they cater to trekkers of all skill levels. Guided hiking tours can be arranged, as is true of guided boating excursions. Many of the guided boating trips take a ride out to the Grotto of the Sirens, or the Grotta delle Sirene, as it is known in Italian. At this grotto, the changing light does wonders, especially as things relate to the water color.

Sorrento offers some good shopping, as well as some healthy nightlife for those who are interested in keeping the fun going well after dark. Another thing that the town is known for is its dining scene. Good restaurants aren't hard to find, and for true culinary enthusiasts, taking a Sorrento cooking class is worth considering. You can find the Sorrento Cooking School at Viale dei Pini, 52.

Regardless of what people have in mind for their Sorrento holidays, finding a good place to stay shouldn't be difficult. The Sorrento holiday rentals provide self-catering bliss, and there are plenty of good hotels to select from for those who prefer going that route. When trying to find a place to stay, prospective visitors are encouraged to keep an eye out for Sorrento holiday deals. Enticing holiday packages are out there, and many of the hotels offer special deals themselves, even at the last-minute.

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