Marina Grande Sorrento

Marina Grande Sorrento is one of the city's main harbors. A lively harbor, it is also very picturesque, and visitors can do more than watch the ships go out or take in the splendid views. The Marina Grande Beach provides a good place to soak up some sun or go swimming, and dining at one of the waterfront eateries can also be a fine way to spend some time. The best restaurants in Marina Grande also figure among the best restaurants in all of Sorrento, so many tourists have them high on their lists of preferred dining establishments.

Strolling along the waterfront is one of the simple pleasures of a Sorrento visit. Scenic views of the sea, the Sorrento cliffs, and the city itself abound down by the water, and this is certainly the case at Marina Grande. This port actually has a relatively secluded atmosphere while being lively at the same time. One of the best times to drop by is around sunset, as this is when many of the local fishermen can be seen cleaning their nets before they shut business down for the day. The waterfront restaurants in Marina Grande provide excellent places to take it all in, not to mention some very tantalizing food and drink menus.

Restaurants mix with shops and homes along the Marina Grande Sorrento waterfront, and the immediate area is also where you can find some of the most enticing Sorrento hotels. Among these hotels is the well-priced and well-situated Hotel Regina.

The Marina Grande Beach, it is a small, pebbly stretch that can be a fun place to relax for a while. Those seeking out better beaches might keep nearby Marinella Beach in mind, as well as Vico Equense.

Boating excursions can be arranged at Marina Grande, as is true at Marina Piccola, which is situated to the immediate east. Among the most popular excursions that depart from Marina Grande are those that visit the delightful swimming spot that is the Bagno della Regina Giovanna. This swimming spot was once a private harbor for an old Roman villa, the ruins of which sit atop a cliff and can be visited by anyone who is interested.

Marina Grande Sorrento

Marina Grande

Marina Grande Sorrento is one of the city's main harbors. A lively harbor, i...

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