Marina Piccola

Marina Piccola is one of Sorrento's two main marinas, and despite the fact that its name translates to "small marina," it is actually larger than Marina Grande. A major transportation hub, the small marina in Sorrento is where you will likely arrive should you be traveling to the city by boat. It also happens to be an excellent place to rent a boat or arrange guided boating excursions once in town.

Downtown Sorrento is where you will find the Marina Piccola, so travelers who are arriving to the port by way of boat don't have to go far to get to top attractions such as the Sorrento Cathedral. There are also some good hotels that are even closer to the ferry and hydrofoil docking points. These hotels include the aptly named Marina Piccola 73 Bed and Breakfast and the Grand Hotel Royal. Booking a room with a harbor view is recommended when staying at hotels like these, if not for the beautiful sunsets alone.

The small marina in Sorrento is a gateway for several destinations along the Amalfi Coast. These destinations include Sorrento itself, as well as area hot spots such as Capri, Ischia, Amalfi, and even Naples. Both ferries and hydrofoils are used to transport people around the region, and it's not uncommon for catamarans to be employed as well. The peak summer season is when the ferries and hydrofoils operate, and during the warmer months in general, Marina Piccola is where the cruise liners stop.

Boats can be rented at Marina Piccola for those who wish to ply the area waters on their own during a Sorrento vacation. Guided boat trips can also be arranged, and they tend to focus on the rugged coastline and some of the area's more secluded beaches. Among the best boat tours are those that visit the Grotto of the Sirens, which is to the east of Marina Piccola.

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