Sorrento Hotels

Sorrento has been a hot spot for tourists for hundreds of years, ranging back centuries to when the Greeks were in power. Of course, there are plenty of good reasons why. Its prime location on the Amalfi coast, with hundreds of piers extending into the water. The energetic crowds. The music festivals in the summer. It's easy access to hiking in the green hills above the town. Or perhaps it is the ability to rent genuine Sorrento villas in those green hills.

Cobblestone roads lead down from many of the peaceful Sorrento villas. At night the city is teeming with action - the streets are like a racetrack and the vacationers on pub crawls seem to extend to all hours in the night. But a short walk away, up quaint roads right outside of town and you have your own spacious lounge in the midst of olive groves and serene vineyards. Plus, these Sorrento villas offer quick, close access to all kinds of hikes and nature walks for during the day. When staying in a rambunctious city that never rests, sometimes its nice to be a short walk away from solitude.

Of course, the hotels in Sorrento are more than fine if you embrace the nightlife. When trying to decide on a Sorrento hotel, there are a great many luxury offerings to choose from. The Grand Hotel Exelsior Vittoria is the cream of the crop, located on a tremendous cliff top and surrounded by a wide range of citrus trees and remarkable views of the Bay of Naples. Elevators inside the hotel will take you directly to piers located on the water below. The Cocumella is another fine Sorrento hotel, a Jesuit monastery converted into guest rooms with frescoes painted across ceilings and its own cruise ship that can take you down the Amalfi coast or across the bay to Capri.

Via del Capo is a long road just outside of the main tourist area, and is close by to the city"s best beach - Punta del Capo. This street is also home to a long row of hotels in Sorrento, many of them amongst the best values in the entire city. And with such a desirable location - about a mile away from shopping and tourist staple Palazzo Tasso - its a wonder so many people tend to stay in the more expensive hotels in Sorrento stuck in the center of town. La Tonnarello and Hotel Bristol both have elevators to the beach, and all of the standard amenities found in even the fanciest Sorrento hotel.

So whether you want to stay in Sorrento villas sequestered away in the hills, along the rocky beaches or in the luxury hotels found in the crowded but energetic city center, Sorrento has just what you need.

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