Sorrento Tours

Sorrento tours are an excellent way add extra depth to an overall Sorrento visit. Some span multiple days and feature other interesting destinations as well, while others last a half day or less and focus exclusively on Sorrento itself. Often, general sightseeing is at the heart of things, and when stops are made, they tend to feature interesting archaeological and historical sites.

When it comes to taking a tour of just Sorrento itself, many visitors opt to go with the open-air bus tours. While driving along the town streets, guests on these tours are provided with insight into Sorrento history. Also highlighted are attractions such as the Sorrento Cathedral, and there is plenty of time to enjoy the scenic views that this seaside city has to offer. The open-air bus tours of Sorrento last approximately an hour and half and are offered a various intervals throughout the day. They start at Piazza Lauro, and usually include some time in nearby villages such as Sant'Angelo and Massa Lubrense.

Many Sorrento tours revolve around nearby Pompeii and can also include a stop in Herculaneum. Both of these ancient Roman towns were destroyed and buried after the famed eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, only to be discovered centuries later. Comfortable coaches are used to transport tour guests out to both destinations from Sorrento, and the tours last the better part of the day. For those who prefer, half-day tours from Sorrento to Pompeii only can also be arranged, and there are various other options to consider. On some Pompeii tours, for example, guests head to the top of Mount Vesuvius itself to learn more about the volcano and to enjoy the spectacular views.

Since there are so many possibilities when it comes to Sorrento tours, visitors to this picturesque town in southern Italy are encouraged to weigh all of the available options. Perhaps a mini cruise through the Gulf of Naples will prove too hard to pass up, or maybe a five-day tour that highlights such destinations as Rende, Taormina, and Palermo will be the most enticing. There are also tours that allow the guest to sample some Sorrento limoncello, and it isn't difficult to arrange guided boat trips at Sorrento's two main ports. These ports, or marinas, are known as Marina Piccola and Marina Grande.

Sorrento tours don't have to start in Sorrento proper. An example of this are the tours from Rome to Sorrento. On these tours, all transportation is provided, as are accommodations and all or most meals. After leaving Rome, stops are most often made in a number of Amalfi Coast destinations, such as Sorrento and Capri, thus allowing guests to enjoy a number of different experiences.

It is possible to book a variety of Sorrento tours in advance. For those who wish to wait until they actually get to Sorrento, tour tips can be gotten at the town's main tourist office. This office is situated off Piazza Tasso at Via Luigi De Maio 35.

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