Sorrento Trains

Sorrento trains provide visitors to Sorrento with a cost-effective means for getting around the region. The Circumvesuviana Railway System connects the town to all kinds of other regional destinations, and it's certainly cheaper to take the train than it is to go by taxi. Also, you can leave the driving up to someone else, which is especially appetizing during the peak summer travel season. Traffic in the region is notoriously bad in the summer. The Sorrento train station can be found on Via Marziale in the downtown area. This puts it close to hotels, attractions, and ferry port at Marina Piccola.

Train from Rome to Sorrento

Many travelers rely on trains for getting to Sorrento, partly because of the fact that they are budget-friendly. They are also quite reliable. Among the most popular routes is the route from Rome to Sorrento. The Italian national railway, FFSS, actually offers this service, with the train station in Naples being the first major stop. Once in Naples, those who are destined for Sorrento hop on a Circumvesuviana train to complete the trip. The main Naples train station is known as Napoli Centrale and can be found in Piazza Garibaldi. Average trip time from Rome to Naples is around two hours if you take one of the regular trains. The high-speed train makes the trip in about an hour and a half.

Train from Naples to Sorrento

Naples is the main transportation hub for Italy's Campania region, so many Sorrento visitors arrive there first. This includes people who are flying in, as the Naples airport receives the bulk of the international flights. Once in Naples, those who are trying to complete their journey to Sorrento by way of train have two options. They can take a "Diretto" train or a "Diretissimo" train. The Diretto trains stop at every station along the way, with Castellammare di Stabia and Vico Equense figuring among the stops. A stop is also made in Pompeii. Total trip time is around one hour and fifteen minutes. The Diretissimo trains make less stops along the way, thus cutting some fifteen minutes off the trip time.

Train from Salerno to Sorrento

Salerno is the main Campania travel hub after Naples, so many Sorrento-bound travelers often arrive there. Once in Salerno, it is possible to rely on the regional train system to get to all the other main destinations in Campania, including Sorrento. It is also possible to go by way of ferry or hydrofoil, as long as it isn't winter. Rather rough seas can see ferry and hydrofoil service being suspended during the cooler season. Bus travel is also an option.

One of the advantages to traveling around the Sorrento region by way of train is the fact that there are some tantalizing train passes out there that can save the traveler some money. They include a Eurail pass, which is good for general travel throughout Western Europe or customizable to include a single country or blocks of countries, and the Italy Rail 'n Drive Pass, which allows the holder to enjoy four days of unlimited train travel within a two month period. The Italy Rail 'n Drive Pass also includes a car rental for two days, and the driver can put unlimited mileage on their vehicle.

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