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Sorrento vacations cater to a wide variety of people, and this has a lot to do with their popularity. Found approximately twenty miles southeast of Naples on Italy's Sorrentine Peninsula, the town is known first and foremost for its picturesque splendor. From its cliffside location, amazing views of the Gulf of Naples can be savored, and many a vantage point allows for clear glimpses of Mt Vesuvius and the island of Capri.

Cobblestone streets mix with historic churches in Sorrento, Italy, and this lends to the allure of walking tours through town. Among the top sights to see on such a tour is the Sorrento Cathedral. A trip to Sorrento would also be incomplete without some time down by the water. The town has a delightful seafront promenade, and lively Marina Grande is home to a small beach and some enticing eateries. At nearby Marina Piccola, ferries and hydrofoils transport people to local islands, as well as Naples and destinations along the famed Amalfi Coast.

Cliffs meet the sea in the general Sorrento region, and serving as a backdrop for many towns are high-rising mountain. This kind of terrain caters to the hiking enthusiast, and it only gets better when you consider that there are excellent hiking trails in and around town. For those who wish to get out on the water, boating is also among the top things to do in Sorrento. Boats can be rented at both Marina Piccola and Marina Grande, and guided boating excursions can be arranged.

Sampling some limoncello and taking a cooking class at the Sorrento Cooking School are just some of the other options for things to do on a Sorrento escape, and once the sun goes down, nightlife enthusiasts should find that the clubs are quite lively at Piazzo Tasso. Perhaps some pampering will be in order. Regional spas, such as those that are found in nearby Vico Equense, provide excellent places to sooth both body and soul on Sorrento holidays.

Sorrento vacation packages are out there for those who wish to take advantage. These packages can include a variety of travel essentials, and deals are often built in. A flight and a room at a local hotel are among the most common things that are included in Sorrento vacation packages, as are tours of nearby Pompeii. It should be noted that many of the Sorrento hotels offer special deals of their own from time to time, and these deals are sometimes best at the last-minute.

For those who prefer vacation rentals to hotel rooms, Sorrento and the surrounding region are home to some very alluring rental properties. The most appealing come in the form of upscale villas that offer panoramic views of the sumptuous landscape. On the more affordable side of things are the area apartment rentals.

Sorrento Apartments

Sorrento Apartments

Sorrento apartments are available in relatively good number, so while the town offers some excellent hotels, visitors don't have to limit themselves to the hotel scene. Also interesting is the fact that the Sorrento vacation rentals don't only come in the form of apartments. This allows travelers to choose from an even wider range of accommodations and is part of the reason why Sorrento vacations are so popular. The Sorrento Italy vacation rentals are typically well-equipped, stylish, and can be found in great locations. Of course, there really isn't a bad location when it comes to the general Sorrento region.

Apartment rentals offer anywhere from one to a few bedrooms, and the amenities are quite similar to what you might expect to have at home. Kitchen facilities are pretty much standard, for example, and things such as air conditioning, heating, a color TV with cable or satellite programming, and a bathroom with a shower and/or bathtub are common as well. As you might expect, the rates go up depending on the overall quality. In addition to a more elegant decor, the more expensive Sorrento apartments can feature things such as a washing machine, a deluxe kitchen, and a hydromassage tub in one or more bathrooms.

There are Sorrento apartment rentals to fit a variety of budgets, though travelers who are thinking of going high-end might just prefer a villa or private home rental. Almost the same thing in this part of the world, villas and private home rentals tend to offer more space than your average apartment. They are also known to feature amenities that are quite impressive. Plenty of Sorrento villas feature their own private swimming pools, for example, as well as terraces, patios, and other outdoor areas that can be excellent for entertaining or relaxing. Stunning views of the sea and Mt Vesuvius can be enjoyed from many Sorrento villas, and for groups that truly need extra space, some properties can sleep more than twenty people.

Sorrento Italy vacation rentals can be found right in town, and there are options on the outskirts as well for those who prefer going that route. Travelers can also interest themselves in the rental properties that are found in other regional destinations, such as Vico Equense or Naples. Since many of the villa rental properties are relatively isolated, renting a car or bringing your own private vehicle along for the trip is recommended and sometimes required. When staying at one of the Sorrento Italy vacation rentals that can be found in town, on the other hand, a car most likely won't be necessary, as it will be easy to access buses, taxis, trains, and ferries.

The self-catering aspect that vacation rentals are known for is something that many travelers have come to appreciate. As such, these kinds of accommodations can go fast, especially in hot travel destinations such as Sorrento. The Sorrento rentals go especially fast during the peak summer season, so booking well in advance is recommended when planning a summer visit. Another thing to consider when it comes to the Sorrento Italy vacation rentals is the fact that rates tend to go up during the peak season, as is true with the Sorrento hotels. This might lead some budget travelers to consider a visit during the spring, fall, or winter. There really isn't a bad time to visit Sorrento, thanks largely to the scenery and the historic attractions in town, so a non-summer visit can be very rewarding.

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