Sorrento Villas

The Sorrento villas are arguably the best places to stay while in town. These vacation rental properties provide way more space than your average hotel room, and inviting amenities are included with every villa in town. It is common for Sorrento Italy villa rentals to have their own private pools, for example, and rare is the property that doesn't also feature a fully equipped kitchen.

On the whole, Sorrento villas are upscale, and as such, they are relatively expensive to rent. Guests can expect their money to be well-spent, however. In addition to private pools and kitchens, your average villa rental in Sorrento features outdoor areas for entertaining, multiple bedrooms that accommodate numerous guests, satellite TV, air conditioning, high-speed Internet access, and private parking spaces. Private laundry facilities can also be part of the amenity mix, as can things such as a CD player and a hydromassage bathtub.

Most of the Sorrento Italy villa rentals enjoy amazing locations and afford scintillating views of the Gulf of Naples . This is reason enough to keep them in mind when trying to find a good place to stay during a Sorrento escape. There are villa rentals in and around the town core, as well as properties that are found outside of town. Travelers can choose accordingly depending on wants and needs. Regardless, the Sorrento attractions are close by, and it shouldn't take very long to get to other interesting destinations that call the region home. Among these destinations are the ancient Roman city of Pompeii and the renowned island retreat of Capri.

In terms of size, most of the villa rentals that call the Sorrento area home offer at least four bedrooms and can sleep around nine or ten people. Those who need added space can also interest themselves in the larger Sorrento villas. These more sizeable properties can have more than ten bedrooms and sleep more than 20. This is enough to accommodate more than one family, which is something that some incoming visitors will appreciate.

As a side note, there are other kinds of Sorrento vacation rentals for visitors who don't need the added space that villas provide. These other rental properties include apartments and condos and can have anywhere from one bedroom to a few bedrooms. A healthy amount of amenities can also be expected when renting an apartment or condo, and while a private pool isn't likely to be among them, some of these properties allow guests to access a shared pool.

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