Sorrento Weather

Sorrento weather is excellent on the whole, and this only lends to the town's popularity as a vacation destination. The general climate is mild, and when it comes down to it, there really isn't a bad time to visit. Depending on what you have in mind for your visit, however, a specific time of year might be better than another.

Summer in Sorrento: Summer is widely considered to be the best time to visit Sorrento Italy. This is definitely the peak season, so booking hotels or vacation rentals well in advance is recommended for summer tourists. It can get quite hot in the Sorrento region during the summer months. Temperatures in the 90s aren't uncommon. Relatively low humidity is something that the Sorrento region is known for, and it usually cools off at night during the summer. Sea breezes also help to keep the heat at bay to some degree, and the summer rainfall totals are fairly low. July is the driest month and averages less than an inch of rain.

Fall in Sorrento: Fall can be a fantastic time to visit Sorrento, as the temperatures are still quite warm and the summer masses gone. That's not to say that all the tourists have disappeared, but you won't have to worry as much about hotel, restaurant, or ferry reservations. Around late August, the rainfall totals start to pick up in and around Sorrento, so visitors might bring a light rainjacket just for good measure. Especially in late fall, a sweater can come in handy, particularly in the evenings and when you start ascending into the mountains. September and October are the prime fall months in terms of weather.

Winter in Sorrento: Winter is generally considered to be the worst time to visit Sorrento. For starters, the rainfall totals are at their highest, while the temperatures are at their lowest. That being said, this town is picturesque at any time of year, and the changing setting that a rainy day brings can be quite romantic. As for temps, Sorrento stays relatively warm throughout the winter when compared to many destinations around the world. In fact, the average winter temperature is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It tends to get colder as you move inland and into the mountains. The higher up, the greater the chance of winter snow. Rougher seas are partially responsible for limiting Sorrento ferry and hydrofoil service in the winter.

Spring in Sorrento: Spring is a great season for Sorrento travel. The Sorrento weather is quite pleasant in the spring, particularly in late April, May, and early June. As is true of early fall, many people actually consider late spring to be the best time to visit Sorrento Italy. This has something to do with the mild weather and the decreased crowds. The weather in particular lends itself well to things such as tours of nearby Pompeii, hiking excursions on the wonderful area trails, and waterfront meals at Marina Grande.

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