Sorrento Weddings

Sorrento weddings have only grown in popularity in recent years, and it's not hard to understand why. Found on Italy's Sorrentine Peninsula, Sorrento offers what amounts to some of the most scenic views that you will find anywhere. Cliffs meet the sea, and in the near distance is famed Mt Vesuvius. The region has long attracted tourists with its scenic splendor, with the Roman Emperor Augustus being just one of the regulars of the past. Plenty of famous artists and writers also figure among past visitors, and it's not uncommon to see celebrities making the rounds in today's era.

The sheer beauty of Sorrento's setting is the main reason why Sorrento weddings are popular. It's not all about the natural landscape, however. The city boasts many historic structures, some of which are romantic churches that have been around for centuries, and there is more than one elegant hotel that can set the stage for an unforgettable ceremony or reception. The most luxurious Sorrento hotels are a good place to start when looking to get married in Sorrento, as long as the budget allows. There are also more affordable hotels that offer plenty of style and comfort and can make for good places to have a ceremony or reception. The Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria is among the most upscale hotels, and it provides wedding services.

Couples who wish to wed in Sorrento, Italy are encouraged to get some help during the planning process. Local agencies that specialize in Sorrento weddings can take care of all the bureaucratic nuances. They can also help couples arrange wedding venues and places to stay. This leaves little to do for the couple, thus helping to alleviate any stress. The couple will have to secure valid passports, and must complete what is called a Nulla Osta. This document is a sworn testament that is akin to a certificate of non-impediment. They are issued by the embassy or consulate of the couple's country of origin, and more often than not, an "Apostille" stamp is required so that the document can be cleared for official use in Italy. For foreigners who live in Italy, a single status affidavit must be completed and submitted.

Many couples choose the scenic town as a base for their honeymoons, too. Both hotels and vacation rental properties are available, which allows couples to find accommodations that best suit their needs, and there are certainly plenty of good restaurants around town to dine at. Adding to the allure of honeymoons in Sorrento is the ease with which couples can arrange things such as romantic boat trips, and there are plenty of area beaches that can make for fine places to spend some time.

A lively harbor, good nightlife, and proximity to an array of other enticing destinations are just some of the other reasons why honeymoons in Sorrento can be so rewarding. Perhaps a side trip to the island of Capri will be in order, and a tour of Pompeii can be a great addition to the agenda as well. These are just two of the regional destinations that deserve attention, and the area in general is prime for scenic hikes and drives.

The Sorrento resorts provide some great facilities that couples can take advantage of during their honeymoons, and it should also be mentioned that bed and breakfasts are also available. On the vacation rental side of things, apartments and villas make up the majority of the options, and they can be quite spectacular.

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