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Sorrento travel can prove to be rewarding at any time of year, though there are some things to consider when planning a trip. There's the weather for starters, and it doesn't hurt to consult the regional events calendar. Factor in other things, such as when the hotel rates are at the highest, and it might become clear that a certain time of year is better than another for some activities.

Sorrento tourism has been popular for centuries on end. In fact, the Roman Emperor Augustus used to vacation in this scenic Italian town, as did his successor, Tiberius. Many famous writers and artists have also been lured by its charms, and countless travelers in general have fallen prey to its temptation. The town sits on cliffs and overlooks the Gulf of Naples. Surrounding mountains, the likes of which include Mt Vesuvius, add to the spectacular landscape, and there are plenty of sights to see in and around town that are of the manmade order. Among them is renowned Sorrento Cathedral, which can be visited at any time of year.

The best way to get to Sorrento, Italy, is arguably by boat. Cruise ships are known to stop in Sorrento before continuing on their multi-stop courses, and during the summer season especially, ferries and hydrofoils operate with regularity. The boating opportunities in and around Sorrento are at their best during the summer, and this adds to the allure of a summer visit. The warmer temps also make it prime beach season, though late spring and early fall are also good times to visit the beach, and these periods see less crowds than the peak summer months.

While summer is the peak Sorrento travel season, both late spring and early fall are widely considered to be the absolute best times to visit. This has everything to do with the good weather and the decreased crowds. Winter sees even less crowds, which is good news for those who prefer a quieter experience, and it also sees the lowest rates of the year being offered by the area hotels and vacation rentals. Hotel and vacation rental rates, as can be expected, are highest in late spring, during the summer, and in early fall.

The weather, the amount of tourists, and the lodging rates aren't the only things that travelers will want to focus on when planning their Sorrento escapes. Holidays, festivals, and other kinds of events also deserve some consideration. Major holidays include Easter, Christmas, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (December 8), and Liberation Day (April 25). Shops and offices close down on major holidays, and transportation can be limited. Of course, holidays are most often tied to local celebrations that can add extra depth to a visit. During the week leading up to Easter, for example, there are processions of various kinds that can be a joy to witness.

As is true of many an Italy destination, Sorrento celebrates Carnival during the month of February, and this can be a particularly colorful time to visit the region. Other regional events, such as the Comicon festival in Naples, can also be attractive to a wide range of tourists. This specific event revolves around animation and comic books. Summer sees a variety of outdoor theater and concert events being offered around the Sorrento region, with one example being the Opera and Drama Season at the Roman Theater. This summer season festival employs an ancient Roman theater to host its operas and dramas.

Sorrento tourism tips are available at the town's tourist office. This office is found just off Piazzo Tasso at Via Luigi De Maio, 35. Many of the Sorrento hotels also offer travel tips to help their guests make the most of their visits. You can even get help arranging visits to Pompeii, Capri, Positano, and any other number of side trip destinations at most Sorrento hotels. This is especially good news for first-time visitors who plan on exploring the region in general.

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