Taormina Sicily is a destination most worthy of a visit when considering any trip to southern Italy. Located on the northeastern coast of Sicily, Taormina has long been a fixture in the history of the area and shares importance with other historical Sicilian cities like Syracuse, Messina and Catania. It is perhaps the most popular of tourist destinations in Sicily, noted both for its natural beauty and its art treasures. Taormina restaurants offer quality and diversity, whether you are looking for a quick treat or for a stunning meal set against a magical backdrop. With many Taormina hotels ranging from budget to luxury, there are plenty of accommodations to choose from. Changing hands many times over its varied history, Taormina Italy evokes strong sentiment of its historical importance and is a welcome tourist spot.

As is the case with any city in Europe, Taormina Italy boasts a long history of invasions and settlements procured by many different groups. Its historical course often begins with its founding in 395 B.C. by Greek residents of the nearby settlement of Naxos. Originally a Siculian settlement, it was left in ruins when previous residents left to flee the domination of Dionysious the Elder, who would later go on to conquer Taormina in 392 B.C. The city was given the name of Tauromenion in 358 B.C. taking its name from the nearby hill of Taurus. The Greeks would go on to conquer the entire island of Sicily, leaving behind some of the most well-preserved temples they ever built. An example of this is the stunning Greek Theatre of Taormina, one of the most celebrated relics in Sicily. The Romans would eventually enlarge the stage and add a partial roof, which was since destroyed. It is an amazing relic of the past and is an absolute must-see during your trip to Taormina Sicily.

Taormina would enjoy prosperity in the time of Julius Caesar, but go on to suffer under the rule of Octavian. Angry at the city and its residents for their support of Pompey, Octavian would go on to expel most of Taormina"s inhabitants. Roman soldiers, who moved in to occupy the homes and town after Octavian"s conquest, would also prosper at Taormina. The following Byzantine domination would continue in this prosperity, and after the fall of Constantinople, Syracuse fell in importance to Taormina, the new capital city of Eastern Sicily. The area, and the town itself, would continue its tumultuous changing of the guard and varied influence, until 1861 when Italy became united.

Taormina"s approximation to the Ionian Sea makes it a popular destination not only for its ancient architecture, but for its beaches as well. With winding medieval streets and corridors, tourists exploring on foot can be guaranteed to enjoy not only the sights, but also the many fine Taormina restaurants, cafes and ice-cream bars that abound just around every bend. Many of these culinary gems lie on terraces overlooking the sea, or amidst lush and abounding gardens. More public eateries can be found in the town"s plazas if perhaps you want to keep it more simple and enjoy a gelato while you people watch. Between the sights, sounds, and tastes, your senses are guaranteed to be alive and well, no matter where you choose to rest your legs for a bit and take it all in.

Taormina Italy offers so much to see and do. Between touring ancient ruins, you can also book a tour of the nearby Capo Sant"Andrea grottos or visit the Isola Bella (beautiful island) nature preserve just to the South. Known as the “Pearl of the Ionian”, Isola Bella is protected by the World Wildlife Federation, and is a designated Nature Preserve. To reach this amazing place, take the municipal cableway from Via Pirandello in Taormina to Mazzarò beach. Turn right on the National Strada Statale and you’ll find the entrance to the Reserve some 500 feet away. You can also walk there crossing Via Pirandello and taking a series of paths and lanes down from town to the entrance. From the end of July to September the International Taormina Arte Festival is in full swing. It is the most well-known cultural event in Taormina, and offers an array of concerts, theatre shows, and film viewings on a large screen erected in the old Greek Theatre.

Taormina Sicily and its location on a breathtakingly beautiful and hilly coast will surely reward the visitor looking for a truly Sicilian experience. It is close to Mount Etna, Europe"s largest active volcano and rich in influence through its history, which makes it an unforgettable area to tour. As amazing as it is during the day, it is as mesmerizing at night when it becomes an illuminated wonder. Whether you are out to simply stroll the nighttime streets or are looking to enjoy one of over eighty Taormina restaurants, you can be guaranteed to enjoy your time just as much after the sun goes down.

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