Taormina Hotels

When booking a trip to Taormina, Italy, leave your worries behind. Hotels in Taormina run the gamut from budget to luxury, and with so much to do and see, you’ll be assured to sleep soundly with bountiful Sicilian images floating through your head. Whether you are looking to be pampered or just want to leave the spending for keepsakes and eating out, you’ll have no trouble finding hotels in Taormina that fit your needs. Perhaps you like the idea of upscaling a bit and splurging on a hillside retreat for that view of the surrounding blue seas. Be sure to check out San Domenico Palace if that is the case. Maybe you want to stay in town to enjoy the Taormina nightlife, which is reputed as being the most lively in Sicily. Any way you slice it, Taormina hotels abound in this all popular tourist destination.

As is the nightlife abundant, so is the selection of hotels in Taormina. South of Amalfi, they may just be some of the finest in all of Italy. Again, however, if you are just looking for a bed and a place to rest between enjoying the beaches, trekking the hillsides, or spending a day shopping on Corso Umberto I, the main street full of trendy shops, then you should have no issues. However, when it comes to summertime, the city swells with tourists and the noise of the nightlife becomes something that might be disturbing if you are resting for an early morning. It is a good idea when in the center of town to try to secure a room at the rear of the hotel, especially if you are a light sleeper.

Staying in Taormina proper offers quite a bit of charm, but if the beach is calling and you prefer to be near the water, a good idea is to look for a place to stay on Mazzarò beach. It is the major beach in the area and buses are available to take you up the hill and back into town if need be. If you are adventurous enough to rent a car and are looking to stay atop the hill, you might want to inquire about where to park. Good directions are helpful as the streets tend to be narrow and winding and you might find that going the wrong direction on a one way street isn’t exactly the idea of a good time.

Bed and breakfast Taormina is also a good way to go. If you are looking for an alternative to the bigger more typical Taormina hotels, there are nice options situated in authentic Italian villas. Most options for bed and breakfast Taormina offer lovely garden settings and harmonize well with the culture and natural beauty of the area. Viva accommodation Taormina when it comes to these regal lodgings. These bed and breakfasts offer not only spectacular views such as Mount Etna and the Bay of Naxos, but themselves are quite stunning in their architecture and appearance. Some are converted palaces for royalty of the past, and no doubt you will feel like quite the King or Queen in a bed and breakfast Taormina style. So, do not fret, because when it comes to Taormina hotels, you are sure to find just what you are looking for.

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