Trains in Italy

Nowhere in the world is train travel easier and more convenient than Europe, and Italy is no exception. Whether you are taking a tour of the entire continent or simply staying within the country, rail travel in Italy is an affordable and accessible way to see some of the world"s most awe inspiring sites.

There are multitudes of different way to traverse Italy. Eurail passes connect the country to the rest of Europe, and flexi passes are available to roam as you please - offering a set number of travel days on any rail line over a certain time period (usually 4, 5, 7 or 12 days total). These passes - not to mention regular tickets - offer a variety of seating, from couchettes (private beds in shared sleeping rooms) on night trains to first and second class tickets for day travel. Flexi saver passes and youth passes can also be bought for use on any of the trains in Italy.

You can get a Railpass specifically for train travel in Italy, a cheap alternative if your destinations all reside within the country"s borders. These allow travelers to make use of rail travel in Italy for as many or as few days as they like for a set price - perfect for travelers who prefer a bit of spontaneity in their vacation plans. Prices vary depending on when and where you purchase them, with discounts for students and adults under 25.

For those who want to combine the ease of train travel in Italy with the scenic trips that are accessed easier by car, there is a Rail n" Drive pass that offers 3 days of unlimited train travel and 2 days of car rental with unlimited mileage. These, like most passes involving rail travel in Italy, are available with both first and second-class prices.

A new type of train travel in Italy is available, too, with express rails that limit the number of stops per trip, cutting down on unnecessary travel time. Despite all these options, however, you will still have to pay a small supplemental fee to ride on some trains, and a few trains in Italy (such as those in Sardinia) do not acknowledge any kind of Flexi or saver pass. Make sure you check with your travel providers before purchasing any of these passes.

Though some trains in Italy have a reputation as being habitually late or occasionally non-existent, the majority of them arrive and depart right on schedule. There is no better way to get around the country, as millions upon millions of backpackers can attest to.

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