City of Turin Italy

Located amidst serene lakes and soft alpine hills, it's hard to believe the city of Turin Italy was long regarded as more an industrial center than a tourist hot spot. Dubbed "The Detroit of Italy" due to the number of car manufacturers located in the city, acute visitors have long trumpeted the breezy squares and unblemished streets - even as it is often passed over by the majority of travelers in favor of more populous cities to the south. But tourism has become a rapidly growing industry, especially since hosting the 2006 Turin Italy Olympics. And a wealth of attractions ensures the city does not disappoint.

As the Turin Italy Olympics held testament to, the city is often used as a base for excursions into the Southern Alps. The city"s other claim to fame is derived from the cloth that bears its name: The Shroud of Turin. Considered one of the holiest (and most controversial) religious artifacts in the world, the shroud of Turin has long been believed to be the cloth that cradled Jesus Christ"s body after it was pulled from the cross. The shroud is currently kept under lock and key at the holy shroud museum after spending most of its existence inside the nearby Cattedrale di San Giovanni. Millions of believers have made the pilgrimage to see the sacred relic during the rare times when it is put on display, making it one of the signature attractions in Turin Italy.

If you are looking for a city where a stroll down the street feels like a trip back in time, the city of Turin might not be the place for you. Partially due to World War II and partially due to Turin"s late entry into the tourist trade, the city looks exceedingly modern. There are still a couple older tourist attractions in Turin Italy that might catch your eye. The Royal Palace located in Piazza Castello is decorated in traditional baroque style, with ornate ballrooms and sweeping gardens. It was once home to the Savoys, exalted Turinese leaders for numerous centuries. The aforementioned Cattedrale di San Giovanni is an apprehensive display of Renaissance architecture, with tall black marble walls constructed to make it seem as if you are creeping through the shadows.

One of the new attractions in Turin Italy is the village constructed especially for the Turin Italy Olympics. The village has been a catalyst for growth, transforming sections of the city that were previously industrial centers into a bustling collection of hotels and restaurants, or shopping malls and renovated parks.

Like Milan and Florence, Turin is one of Italy's wealthiest cities - especially remarkable since WW II left the town a smoldering wreck. And like those other cities, Turin is a metropolis with large disctricts devoted solely to fashion. What you won't find in common, however, are the astronomical prices. Unless, of course you are in the mood for chocolate - the city of Turin Italy has the country's finest collection, and selections can expand your stomach and shrink your bank account with equal ease.

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