Tuscany Farmhouses

Not only can you find hundreds of villas and hotels throughout the region, you can also stay in one the many Tuscany farmhouses spread across the hillsides. As far as farmhouse accommodation, Tuscany offers a few different options. This can be ecotourism at its best, living with and helping a host family during their harvests, or you can just enjoy the tranquility of the Tuscan hills as you hike or bike through the region. You’ll find a lot of these Tuscany farmhouses in the Chianti hills or Mugello Valley, but they are definitely growing in popularity all across the region - word is getting out.

Tuscany Farmhouses
Tuscany Farmhouses

Many of the Tuscany farmhouses are located on wineries, meaning you get free tours of wine cellars, all kinds of wine tasting, and various other alcohol-related perks. If wine is not your thing, many of these farmhouses produce olive oil, too. Sometimes the farmhouse will be run as a bed and breakfast, but most accommodations are similar in amenities: swimming pools are usually included, along with various opportunities for relaxing and recreation, from tennis courts and horseback riding to cooking classes and daycare.

But most people head out to Tuscany farmhouses to envelope themselves in silence. The simple hills and quaint rural architecture inspire a sort of reverie that you don’t find many other places. And one look at the swimming pool overlooking the Chianti hills, the perfectly manicured gardens around you and the olive groves dotting the countryside will grab you the same way.

If you want the seclusion of a farmhouse accommodation, Tuscany will provide, even if you don’t want to stray too far away from the major urban centers of the region. The Mugello Valley, about a half hour north of Florence, is home to many of the growing numbers of these converted farmhouses. Anytime you want to pop back into town, it’s just a short drive away – or for the more adventurous travelers, a bike trek can be a rewarding experience, if a bit tough on your quads.

The Cabbiovoli will be the highlight of any trip into Tuscany. Once a 12th century castle, the grounds have been reconstructed as a collection of farmhouses (many converted from old barns) that have to be seen to be believed. Combining medieval charm with all the comforts of a major hotel room, you can traipse about the Chianti hills at your leisure, surrounded by old-world vineyards, creeping sunflowers and charming vista views that are beautiful at any time of day. If you want a farmhouse accommodation, Tuscany doesn’t get any better than this.

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