Tuscany Vacation Rentals

If you want to see the storied Italian countryside, Tuscany vacation rentals might be the thing for you. There’s a wide range of different accommodations, from apartments in the city to farmhouses in the middle of nowhere – it all depends on what you are looking for. Tuscany vacation homes are often renovated medieval structures, keeping the old-world charm intact while updating the interior to feature many of today’s most lavish comforts. Tuscany vacation villas are a slightly different kind of rental, as most are luxurious locations throughout the hillsides, with pools, gazebos, high-grade restaurants and gorgeous views of olive groves, cypress trees and the tiny villages that make Tuscany famous.

Tuscany Vacation Rentals
Tuscany Vacation Rentals

If you are looking for Tuscany vacation rentals, check out Siena. Long Florence’s archrival for political and cultural importance, the city eventually conceded defeat in these realms, but still competes quite heavily for tourists. And being only about an eighth of Florence’s size, Siena’s plunge into medieval backwater status in the 16th century leaves it as one of the best preserved examples of a medieval town. Not only does it feature a historic city center with winding brick lanes tangled through the hilltop city, Siena also has a large number of Tuscany vacations villas and hotels that are perfect for those that want to get away, but not TOO far away. Many of the most popular Tuscany vacation homes will be found around the fringes of the city, where Siena gives way to the lush and peaceful slopes the surround it. While these are best for those who have car rentals, the serene walks into town each day are great when the sun is out. You’ll find both villas and farmhouses around here - most are small, family-run establishments that feature romantic ambiance more than anything.

Further explorations through the region will lead you to Lucca, one of the lesser-known jewels of Tuscany. A heady mix of small-town atmosphere with the urbane conveniences of a metropolis, this shady, wine-soaked city is one of the top places to find Tuscany vacation villas. Despite all Lucca’s selling points, it is still not on a lot of traveler’s itineraries when coming to Italy but, hey – others’ loss is your gain, as it keeps many of the Tuscany vacation rentals here cheaper and easier to come by. Seek out places like La Magnolia or La Romea for exquisite stays within the city walls.

Emblematic Tuscan cities, like Cortona or Volterra pride themselves on their unique way of life, the slow, languid pace of the country life. So book one of the Tuscany vacation villas here and feel the gentle pull of the countryside sweeping you away from your everyday troubles. Wine enthusiasts will want to get one of the Tuscany vacation homes found in Montalcino, while Chiusi is always a great stop along the path between Florence and Rome.

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