Grotta Azzurra Hotel, Ustica

Grotta Azzurra Hotel

Contrada San Ferlicchio

As the first place in the Mediterranean to be declared a Natural Marine Reserve- the island of Ustica- 36 miles from the Sicilian Coast- is today a true paradise in the depths of whose waters can be found most types of Mediterranean flora and fauna. In the crystal waters are reflected the black or brightly-coloured rocks which fall to the sea and are lost in it in a series of bizarre and different shapes. Divided into three naturalistic zones to avoid the damaging effects of powerful and indiscriminate tourism- Ustica has prepared a series of defensive strategies to protect the priceless natural heritage which it defends jealously an effort which rewards not only the island but also the visitor- who can truly enjoy the enchantment of a unique natural environment which has remained completely unspoiled for many centuries.Perched on the most beautiful point of the island- with its white pavilions and flowered terraces descending to the sea- the Hotel Grotta Azzurra is immersed in a colourful and perfumed oasis of Mediterranean vegetation. A splendid natural cave carved out by storms is enclosed in the cliff below- the Grotta Azzurra- one of the most beautiful natural jewels of Ustica- famous for the spectacular chromatic phenomena which can be observed inside it. The elegantly furnished rooms- all with terrace- look out over the sea from a panoramic location above the cliff.