Venice Airport

Venice airport information is valuable to know before you embark upon your trip to northern Italy. Any time you travel to a country where you do not speak the language and the customs can be somewhat foreign to you, it is always best to error on the side of caution and be prepared. This not only involves knowing where to locate information services and public transportation at the Venice Italy airports, but also best practices for getting to your destination once you arrive, including where to park and how to get into Venice proper.

Venice Marco Polo Airport is the main hub that services the city and surrounding areas. The airport is named for the Italian explorer who is credited with having been the European who rediscovered China. The small but functional Marco Polo Airport is located approximately five miles north of Venice in Tessera, a frazione (district or municipality) of Venice closes to the town of Mestre. This particular Venice airport accommodates nearly 7 million passengers a year. This total made Marco Polo Airport the fifth busiest airport in Italy in 2009. These rankings are determined by volume of air traffic.

Venice Airport
Venice Airport

If you are traveling from most international destinations to Venice, you will be flying into one of two airports: Marco Polo or Treviso Airport. Treviso Airport, officially known as Sant’Angelo Treviso Airport, is approximately twelve miles from Venice in the Province of Treviso. Many people who travel to Venice choose to stay in places like Mestre or Treviso in order to bring down the cost of what can tend to be an otherwise pricey trip. Not everyone has the luxury of staying in Venice proper, so it is good to look into hotels around the airports.

Marco Polo Airport has three floors. The ground floor accommodates all arrivals while the second floor is for departures. This second level has 60 check-in desks, passenger lounges, information services, and a variety of gift shops and other places of interest for passengers waiting to board their flights. The third floor is restricted to administrative purposes. When you arrive at Marco Polo Airport, you will have a range of public transportation options at your disposal. The same holds true for public transportation at Treviso Airport. Essentially, there are shuttles, cars, and buses, just like at any other airport. The only difference is, if you are heading into Venice, you will leaving the car in Mestre or somewhere else on the Venice mainland before venturing into the Venetian Lagoon where Venice proper is situated. No cars are permitted in Venice, so if you rent a car at one of the Venice airports, (which you can very easily do), you will need to either locate a long-term parking lot or a short-term lot if you plan to retrieve your car at the end of every day. This would apply in the case of people spending each day in Venice and then returning to the Venice mainland to stay at their hotel.

Whether you fly into Marco Polo or Treviso Airport, you can bet that your time in Venice will be one of the most unforgettable vacations of your life.

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