Venice Italy Bed and Breakfasts

Venice Italy bed and breakfasts provide intimate and homey accommodations for visitors to the Veneto region. The advantages of renting a B&B in Venice Italy are manifold. One advantage is the ability to be selective with which part of the city or the outlying areas that you stay in. Another is that there are a wide variety of accommodations, from a quaint bed and breakfast in Padua Italy, to an apartment-like B&B on the Venetian mainland. If you are searching for a cheap bed and breakfast in Venice, you will likely need to look somewhere off of the mainland. Areas like Tessera, Padua, and Mestre are popular options for people who want to spend as much time in Venice as possible, but need to save money on accommodations while on their trip.

Venice Italy Bed and Breakfasts
Venice Italy Bed and Breakfasts

There are 117 islands that span the Venetian Lagoon on the Adriatic Sea. Some are tiny, uninhabited islands, while others are like little towns on their own. The islands of Murano and Burano are perfect examples of communities within the city of Venice where you can find viable accommodations. Some of the Venice Italy bed and breakfasts in these areas can tend to be exclusive and pricey, as Burano, for instance, is a highly sought-after area. If you manage to reserve a B&B in Venice Italy on this island, you will have a most memorable experience. The sidewalks and canals are decorated with colorfully painted houses and there are amazing restaurants and cafes.

While Venice Italy bed and breakfasts on the high-profile islands of Burano and Murano are comparatively more expensive than most of the other islands, cheaper accommodations can be found to the north of the Venetian mainland. A bed and breakfast in Padua Italy is a perfect option for people looking to save some money and stay within close proximity of all the attractions in Venice. Because Venice is the largest car-free urban zone in Europe, you will have to leave virtually anything with wheels behind in places such as Mestre or Padua. There are, however, a variety of options for public transportation from many of the outlying areas. If you do end up staying at a bed and breakfast in Padua Italy, you only have to drive a short distance before taking one of the motorboats (vaporettos) into the city. There is also the option of taking a train into the city.

Any B&B in Venice Italy that you rent is bound to be a romantic and charming accommodation. There are not a whole lot of places in Venice that do not please the eyes. Many of the best Venice Italy bed and breakfasts are tucked into gorgeous buildings or homes that have been around for hundreds of years. Venice is one of the most romantic cities in Europe, and a quaint bed and breakfast can be the ideal place for a couple on a honeymoon or just an intimate getaway. Be sure to do as much planning as you can in advance, as many of the best bed and breakfasts fill up quickly, especially during the peak summer months and in the most prime locations.

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