Accommodation on Burano Venice Italy

An accommodation on Burano Venice Italy can be somewhat challenging to find. Burano is a unique series of islands at the northern part of Venice near Torcello. It has a local population of only about 4,000 people and it is not exactly easy to simply own a place there. Many families have occupied the homes for centuries. While it is not the easiest task to find hotels on northern lagoon islands Venice like Burano, you can however occasionally find good deals on accommodations nearby. Your best bet for finding Burano hotels is to take a look at all of the available options around this small archipelago of islands to see what suits your budget and desired experience best.

The Hotel San Marco, although not an accommodation on Burano Venice Italy, is however a fine hotel from which Burano can be reached by boat in less than 45 minutes. And when you are in Venice, some of the best times are when you are simply sitting back, enjoying the boat ride from one place to the next. No one should be or seems to be in a hurry in this romantic and enchanted city. Many people just stay in whatever part of the lagoon they can find the most suitable accommodation, and then just motor it around the canals. This particular hotel is located in the historic center of the city just minutes from St. Mark's Square and the Ponte dei Dai. Enjoy a clean and comfortable hotel just a short boat ride away from the northern destinations like Torcello, Murano, and Burano.

Burano hotels are few and far between, and if anything, a rental on the tiny island is more likely to be a room rental. So, if you are absolutely committed to renting an accommodation on Burano Venice Italy, it will most likely be a room that someone is renting out.

There are however a few tricks that you can use to stay in hotels on northern lagoon islands Venice that are closer to Burano. For instance, although there are not a lot of accommodations on Torcello, there are certainly more than there are on Burano. The Locanda Cipriani is a classic hotel located on Torcello Island. If you are interested in Burano hotels to begin with, then this kind of accommodation will likely be right up your alley. There are only six rooms, one of which Ernest Hemingway occupied when he wrote Across the River and into the Trees. It is far from cheap, but will allow you to stay actually within the alluring Venetian Lagoon.

The Hotel Murano Palace (pictured) is a fantastic option in terms of hotels on northern lagoon islands Venice. It is decorated in classic, seventeenth-century Venetian style, and the balconies overlook the canals below. The guest staff is attentive to your every need and the rooms are meticulously decorated and maintained. You can access Burano or Torcello by boat, as well as all of the most popular attractions in Venice proper. Although Burano hotels are next to impossible to find, there are plenty of viable options well within striking distance of this charming series of islands.

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