Ca' Rezzonico

Ca’ Rezzonico is a beautiful palace in Venice located on the right banks of the Grand Canal where it meets the Rio di San Barnaba. Long before it became the Ca’ Rezzonico Museum, dedicated to the work of eighteenth-century Venetian artists, it was the residence of the Bon Family. The Bons were a wealthy patrician family in Venice who already owned two homes that sat on the site of what is now this stunning palazzo in Venice Italy. In 1649, Filippo Bon commissioned the construction of the palazzo to be designed by the architect Baldassarre Longhena, who was known to be the finest Venetian Baroque designer. It would, however, take over 100 years from when the project was commissioned until it was completed. Longhena passed away in 1682 and Filippo Bon ran himself in financial ruin. It was finally finished in 1756 when the architect Giorgio Massari was brought into finish the job.

Today, travelers can visit the impressive Ca’ Rezzonico, whose white marble façade still impresses everyone who drifts past it along the Grand Canal. The Ca’ Rezzonico Museum is not only popular as a gallery filled with many fine works of art by some of the most important practitioners in eighteenth-century Venice, but also because it is housed in this gorgeous palazzo in Venice Italy. Impressive frescoes painted by Giambattista Tiepolo, Gaspare Diziani, and Jacopo Gurana. On each of the palazzo’s three floors there are four staterooms that provide direct access to the largest. By far the most impressive of all the rooms in the residence is the grand ballroom.

The ceilings in the grand ballroom (which was embellished by the designs of Massari) are twice as high as any other room in the palazzo. The walls are painted using the trompe l’oeil convention (by the artist Pietro Visconti), in which painted objects are made to appear as though they are three dimensional. The entire ceiling of the ballroom depicts Apollo flying between the continents and was painted by Giovan Battista Crosato. The Chapel and the Nupital Allegory Room also contain impressive works of art by some of the most notable Venetian artists of the past several centuries. Unbelievably, the Ca’ Rezzonico Museum is one of the lesser known galleries when it comes to art in Venice. The Ca’ Rezzonico is an attraction worth a visit not only because of the volume of stunning pieces of art inside the building, but also because of the breathtaking view of the façade of this impressive palazzo in Venice Italy from the outside.

There are many sights in Venice Italy to see and tour whether by foot or gondola. If you have an interest in art and are traveling to Venice with the intention of seeing as much as possible while you are there, Ca ‘Rezzonico should be one of your first stops. Along with the Venice Guggenheim and the Academy Gallery, the Ca’ Rezzonico Museum is a must-see for avid art lovers visiting Venice.



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