Cheap Hotels in Venice Italy

Cheap hotels in Venice Italy are possible to find depending upon a couple of factors. First of all, the time of year you are traveling will affect prices. Secondly, advance planning and reserving as far ahead of your trip as possible will greatly increase your chances of securing reasonable fares in the city. If you are planning to travel during the peak summer months, it may be advisable to look for a budget accommodation in Venice on the mainland suburbs such as Mestre or Padua. Venice is absolutely lovely in the off-season months as well, and these times (October through April) are when it is most possible to find cheap Venice hotels.

Cheap Hotel in Venice Italy
Cheap Hotel in Venice Italy

Any budget accommodation in Venice you come across will likely be small, but most are very well maintained and privately owned. Many are run by families who have owned the properties for years. Such is the case with the Doni Hotel in the heart of Venice. It is a nineteenth-century building located literally just around the corner from St. Mark's Square. The building features thirteen rooms that are simple and modestly decorated, but clean and comfortable. The location of this particular budget accommodation in Venice makes the price even more inviting. If you are looking to travel to Venice without spending too much on accommodations, the Doni Hotel is a fine option.

Discounted Hotels in Venice
Discounted Hotels in Venice

The San Samuele Hotel is slightly smaller, but similar to the Doni Hotel in that it is simply decorated but very clean and comfortable. There are ten rooms, none of which contain televisions, air conditioning, or telephones. However, if you are traveling to Venice, you will not likely be spending too much time in your room with attractions such as the Basilica San Marco seemingly around every corner. One really cool thing about this hotel is that each room is uniquely decorated with distinctive furnishings and art. Staying at cheap Venice hotels like the San Samuele leaves more money in your pocket to explore the many things to do in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Cheap Hotels in Venice
Cheap Hotels in Venice

The Casa Peron is another of the cheap hotels in Venice Italy where you will not have to sacrifice comfort or cleanliness. It is located at the border of Santa Croce and San Polo just minutes from St. Mark’s Square and a variety of cafes and restaurants. The Casa Peron is an eclectic and chic hotel that features a variety of artwork, and art-deco furnishings and glass. The balconies overlook lush gardens and the nearby canals. This is one of the most distinctive and unique of all the cheap hotels in Venice Italy. Not only do you get to enjoy a break on the usually expensive rates for accommodations in Venice, but you also get to stay in a place that feels especially Venetian. The art, the friendly staff, and the location are all reasons to place this hotel near the top of your list for potential cheap Venice hotels in which to stay. Once you have decided on the ideal accommodation for you, you can begin to explore the city and its manifold treasures.

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