Doge's Palace in Venice

The Doge’s Palace in Venice is one of the most iconic and popular destinations in this City of Canals. The Palazzo Ducale, as it also called, is a large gothic palace that has served as the residence of the various Doges of Venice over the centuries. The Doge of Venice was considered the Chief Magistrate of what was then known as the Most Serene Republic of Venice.

Venice was a republic for over 1,000 years. Although the Doge’s powers were somewhat loosely defined, he was kept in check by laws that forbade naming one’s own successor or appointing family members to positions of power. This who situation seems suspect, however, as the lineage of Venetian Doge’s is filled with members from a select groups of aristocratic Italian families. Now when you visit, you can go inside and take Doge’s Palace tours to see how the most wealthy and reputable families and leaders in Venice resided.

Palazzo Ducale
Palazzo Ducale

One of the facades of the Doge’s Palace in Venice faces outward toward the Venetian Lagoon, and another toward St. Mark's Square. It is believed that the Palazzo Ducale was constructed approximately between the years 1309 and 1324 by a designer named Filippo Calendario. The palace is one of the most incredibly decorated buildings in the city, a museum and gallery in its own right, and one that contains works by the likes of Titian and Tintoretto. When you take Doge’s Palace tours with one of the knowledgeable guides, you will get full explanations of some of the most important works that are housed within the Palazzo Ducale, from Tintoretto’s Bacchus and Ariadne and Paradiso, to Guariento’s fresco of Paradise to the elaborately decorated and adorned rooms throughout the stunning palace. Veronese is just one of the other internationally renowned artists whose work is proudly exhibited in this beautiful palace in Venice.

Palazzo Ducale Venezia
Palazzo Ducale Venezia

It is easy to arrange Doge’s Palace tours at the Palace. There is a modest fee to gain admission from Monday to Saturday and it is free to get in on Sundays and holidays. When you enter the Doge’s Palace in Venice, you will be awestruck with the sheer volume of paintings, the elaborate frescoes and furnishings, and the overall pomp and grandeur of the entire place. The Palazzo Ducale is a popular tourist attraction in the city of Venice for very good reason. As you float up to the palace by gondola you will begin to sense how it must have felt for the Doge’s of old to have arrived at their palatial residence through the canals of Venice.

There are so many attractions to choose from when visiting Venice that it can be somewhat difficult to decide on where to spend your time and what attractions to prioritize. If you are interested in art and architecture, you should put the Doge’s Palace on your list of museums and galleries to visit along with the Academy Gallery and the Venice Guggenheim. The Doge’s Museum is also just around the corner from St. Mark's Basilica.

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