Facts about the Carnival

Facts about the Carnival in Venice see the renowned festival effectively getting its start at the end of the thirteenth century. Intended to be a time of celebration for all, it is based around the idea that the city’s various social classes could express themselves on a predominantly equal level. This has something to do with the fact that masks are at the heart of the Venice Carnival costumes (and the iconic subject of most images of the Venice carnival). These masks have always served to hide the wearer’s identity, and in earlier times especially, the helped eliminate the lines of the social class structure.

Venice Carnival history might see the festival getting its start in and around the end of the thirteenth century, though it really didn’t catch on in a big way until the fifteenth century. Over time, it managed to attract more than just Venice residents. European princes were even known to drop into town so that they could partake in the festivities. Many of the revelers had money to spend, and they often spent it at brothels, gambling rooms, theaters, restaurants, wine shops, and cafes. There were also special booths that displayed exotic animals.

Over time, the historical traditions of the Venice Carnival were lost. In some ways, the same can be said about the general culture and history of Venice. In the 1970's, the Italian government made a move to restore the city’s cultural and historical identities. Part of this involved re-establishing Carnival, and these days, more than 30,000 visitors flood into the city on a daily basis during the Carnival season. There is a new theme every year, and as far as the time frame is concerned, the celebrations kick off 40 days before Easter and last for two weeks.



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