Venice Flights

Venice flights are a popular means of transportation for the thousands of people that visit this popular destination in northern Italy every day. With enough advance planning and some comparative shopping, it is quite possible to locate relatively cheap flights to Venice. You can also lessen the potential sticker shock of your travel costs by looking into options for bundling your airfare with your accommodations, for example. If you are planning to fly to Venice, chances are you have been planning the trip for a while and have already put some thought into what you want to do once you arrive. After you have secured the right airfare to Venice Italy, you can dive fully into shaping up the finer points of your itinerary. You will be touching down in one of the most romantic and beautiful cities anywhere in the world. The series of canals, beautiful houses, foot bridges, and overall relaxed and tranquil atmosphere make this city a destination quite unlike any other in Europe.

Venice Flights
Venice Flights

Most Venice flights touch down at Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE). The airport is located five miles north of Venice in Tessera. Although a part of the province of Venice, Tessera is actually closer to Mestre, which is the place where you will likely park your car if you rent a car to get from the airport to Venice. But if your final destination is Venice and you do not plan to travel beyond the city limits, there is actually little sense in renting a car. After all, you have already paid enough for your airfare to Venice Italy, and it is only about a ten-minute walk from the main terminals of the airport to the water buses (known as Alilaguna) that transport passengers into the city for a relatively modest fee. If you have already secured cheap flights to Venice, you may as well continue the trend and keep as much money in your pocket as possible to enjoy the amazing food, dining, and entertainment in the charming city of Venice.

If you are traveling to Venice from the United States, you will have a couple of options if you are set on making a direct flight (or a flight with only one domestic stop before the international leg). Delta has a flight that departs from Atlanta, stops in JFK, then on to Marco Polo. U.S. Airways has a direct flight from Philadelphia to Venice. If these options do not suit you, you can take many other airlines and make a stop at their respective international hubs that transfer to Venice. For instance, Northwest Airlines has a flight to Venice that stops in Amsterdam along the way.

The airport that services most all of the Venice flights is named after the Italian explorer Marco Polo who is credited with rediscovering China (in term of European exploration) in the thirteenth century. There are three floors in the airport’s terminal. The ground floor is for arrivals, while the first floor handles all departures. The third floor is used for administrative purposes. The first floor has passenger lounges, over 60 check-in desks, information kiosks, restaurants, gift shops, ATMs, and currency exchange capabilities. The airport services international as well as domestic flights within Italy and other parts of western Europe.

Taking advantage of cheap flights to Venice means being able to enjoy more of your discretionary budget once you arrive. Airfare to Venice Italy does not necessarily need to break your bank, especially if you dedicate the requisite time into shopping for the best deals. Your trip to Venice is sure to be a memorable one, as this is one of the most distinctive and unique cities in the entire world.

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