Venice Holidays

Venice holidays are among the most popular in terms of destinations in Western Europe. It is not hard to imagine why this ancient city has only grown in popularity with outsiders as the years have gone by. The Venetian Lagoon is peppered with around 117 islands. The entire area is absolutely stunning and the historic landmarks and natural topography are nothing short of awe inspiring. Many of the islands, and some of the outlying districts of Venice have been built up substantially to accommodate all of the people interested in any kind of holiday from a Venice family holiday to luxury trips to weekend getaways.

Venice Holidays
Venice Holidays

You have several options when it comes to holiday rentals in Venice. You can opt to stay on the mainland where you will likely pay higher prices, or you can stay in Padua or Mestre, for instance, and potentially save money, especially if you are paying for several on a Venice family holiday. It really is a matter of individual circumstance, however, as you may end up paying more on you accommodation combined with public transportation from an outlying area, than you might if you stayed at a relatively inexpensive place on the Venetian mainland. Cheap holiday rentals in Venice are not necessarily to be found in great abundance, but if you book far enough in advance and try to avoid the peak season summer months, you may just end up with an altogether affordable place to stay on the mainland itself.

Once you have determined where you are staying on your Venice holiday, you can begin to shape up your itinerary for what exactly to do. Venice is a very family friendly city, making a Venice family holiday ideal, and is quite unlike many other popular cities where the nightlife dominates after the sun goes down. It is quite the opposite in this enchanted city. Venice holidays are actually perfect for families because it is a highly safe area and there is very little violence. Part of the reason Venice has been around for as long as it has is because of its protected position within the Venetian Lagoon, separated by the Adriatic Sea by several islands. You can walk the paths around the city during the day or at night and feel good that you and your entire family will be safe.

Another reason that Venice holidays are quite perfect for the family is that there are so many enjoyable and informative attractions to see. Taking the family to the Academy Gallery to see the likes of Leonardo da Vinci is a lesson that you do not receive in the classroom every day. Combine amazing sites like the Basilica San Marco and the Bridge of Sighs with fun activities like taking gondola rides and ferries to the outlying islands, and what you have is the formula for a fun and instructive trip to the capital of the Veneto region in Italy.

Venice Restaurants
Venice Restaurants

For any type of holiday to this famous city, make it a point to spend as much time as possible at the legendary Piazza San Marco where you will not only find places like the aforementioned Academy Gallery, the Doge's Palace, and the Basilica San Marco, but also a lot of fun entertainers, sidewalks stands with yummy food, restaurants, and cafes. Holiday rentals in Venice are a great way to get additional space and more privacy than you might at a hotel. You can find various holiday rentals on not only the mainland, but also in the surrounding areas. Especially if you are traveling with a group of adults, holiday rentals or apartments can be an excellent way to save money.

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