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Venice hostels are a heaven-sent for students and other people looking to realize significant savings on their accommodations in this otherwise extremely pricey city. It is possible to find a cheap hostel in Venice where you will not be asked to compromise quality in terms of comfort or cleanliness. The owners of many of the tiny hostels and other such accommodations are often families who have run their establishments with pride for years. The cheap lodging in Venice Italy still maintains a charm that would be hard for most other cities to achieve. The Venice hostels have the distinct advantage of being located within one of the most alluring cities in the entire world. If you are the kind of traveler that is most interested in what you are doing during the day, with little concern for where you are staying as long as there is a place to rest your head, you will find a number of viable options in this city.

It may even be the case that it is easier to find cheap Venice hostels than it is to find cheap Venice hotels. The hotels that are on the Venetian mainland tend to be luxurious (or at least luxury-priced hotels), so many of the people looking to save money on accommodations turn to the outlying areas such as Padua and Mestre to locate reasonably priced hotels within close proximity of the mainland. If you, however, are committed to staying right in the heart of the city, there are some fine places to investigate.

The Ostello Venezia (pictured) is a nice and cheap hostel in Venice, located in Giudecca within close range of the most popular attractions and areas of Venice. It is just a couple of minutes walking to arrive at St Mark's Square and there are a whole host of restaurants and cafes in the area. If you are looking for cheap lodging in Venice Italy that places you right in the middle of the action, this is a great little option.

Hotel Casa Linger
Hotel Casa Linger

The Hotel Casa Linger is another good example of cheap lodging in Venice Italy. There are private rooms but you must use a communal bathroom. All of the accommodations are very clean and well kept and the prices are hard to beat. This hostel is also located just a couple of steps from St Mark's Square and other attractions like the Academy Gallery and Bridge of Sighs. It is also just steps from a market where you can buy food and drinks to save money in another way while staying at your hostel.

Venice Hostels - Hotel Astoria
Venice Hostels - Hotel Astoria

The Hotel Astoria is one of the oldest Venice hostels and one of the best at that. It is clean and comfortable and the staff is very friendly. It is also perfectly located in the city center near all of the attractions and various options for public transportation. This example of cheap lodging in Venice Italy is perfect for those people who want to save a lot of money on their accommodations, but also really prefer to have their own bathroom. This is more than understandable, and at this cheap hostel in Venice you have the option of renting a room with a shared, or a private bathroom.

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