Venice Museums

Venice Museums
Venice Museums

Venice museums are an integral aspect of what makes this city in northern Italy as special as it is. The rich artistic and architectural traditions that have thrived over the centuries in the region are set on display in many of these internationally recognized museums and galleries. There are quite a few famous museums in Venice Italy, from the Academy Gallery and the Venice Guggenheim, to the Correr Museum and the Jewish Museum. If you are already making plans to visit Venice, make sure to get the lowdown on some of the best museums so you can decide which ones appeal to you the most. Whether you are an art buff, history fan, or want to learn about fashion, Venice museums have something to offer.

The Correr Museum is among the most famous museums in Venice Italy. It is located right in St. Mark's Square. It faces the Basilica San Marco even as it also occupied a portion of this celebrated building. This popular museum houses many artifacts and pieces of art that chronicle the everyday life of Venice and her citizens over the course of the past centuries. Highlights include the Neoclassical décor of the Napoleonic wing, wherein visitors can view a collection by Antonio Canova, as well as the museum's entire art collection. If you are visiting Venice, you will almost assuredly be frequenting places in and around St. Mark’s Square. Take the time to pop into the Correr Museum. It will be well worth the time and the modest fee to get in.

Of all the famous museums in Venice Italy that are dedicated to the visual arts, the Academy Gallery may just be the most famous. It is located along the south bank of the Grand Canal and is filled with impressive, pre-nineteenth century art, most of which was created in Venice itself. Just a couple of the knock-out highlights include Leonardo da Vinci’s Drawing of Vitruvian Man and Portrait of a Young Man with a Book by Lorenzo Lotto. Only the most famous museums in Venice Italy can claim to house the likes of such artists and more, including Tintoretto, Titian, Veronese, Gaspari, and Giordano.

The National Archaeological Museum is another of the most popular Venice museums located in St. Mark’s Square. There are many interesting and engaging displays and exhibits at the National Archaeological Museum, including a wide range of bronze statues, ancient sculptures, pottery, jewels, and other items of interest that were originally collected by Cardinal Domenico Grimani. In 1523, the Cardinal died and bequeathed his massive collection of ancient artifacts to what would ultimately become the National Archaeological Museum. It is amazing to think that one man’s adventures and exploits would one day constitute enough goods to fill an entire gallery. Once again, this is one of the Venice museums that is conveniently located in St. Mark’s Square nearby many other attractions and a variety of accommodations, cafes, and restaurants.

The Jewish Museum in Venice is certainly another museum well worth looking into visiting. It is small, but filled with treasures that speak to the traditions of Jewish art and culture throughout the centuries. It was founded in 1953 and now contains an impressive collection of items that range from gold and textiles to paintings and ancient maps and manuscripts. It is located in the Campo Novo section of Venice.

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