Venice Italy Nightlife

Venice Italy nightlife is as unique and charming as the city itself is by day. It is unlike many other popular European tourist destinations whose clubs and discos stay open all night long. On the contrary, Venice at night is oftentimes best enjoyed by simply strolling the enchanted streets that are delicately illumined with splashes of light. All of the buildings and monuments take on an even more romantic and charming appeal when the sun goes down over Venice. The streets at night are abundantly safe. As you walk through Venice at night, you may hear the beckoning of a choir or orchestra rehearsing at a nearby church. Feel free to stop in and finish your evening with a free performance by a local orchestra or choir performing Vivaldi, and other local favorites. The best Venice nightlife will be left for you to decide, but regardless of what you decide to do, you must set aside time to simply stroll through the streets of Venice at night.

Venice Italy Nightlife
Venice Italy Nightlife

Venice Italy nightlife is much more tame than other tourist destinations of similar sizes. Many of the restaurants are winding down by 10 p.m., and most clubs and bars do the same by 11 p.m. If you are an avid clubber, you will be able to find an all-night disco here and there with tourists streaming out of the doors. But for the most part, this is outside the city center of Venice. Venice Italy nightlife is especially enjoyable for repeat visitors to the city and those savvy enough to locate an accommodation within the city center, as most tourists head back to their cruise ships or resorts, or at the least to the hotels located north of the city in places like Mestre, closer to the airport. This affords those staying within the city center the opportunity of enjoying the city at a much more relaxed pace than what can be experienced during the day, when an average of 50,000 tourists descend upon the relatively small town every single day.

Venice Orchestra
Venice Orchestra

Sometimes the best Venice nightlife can simply be enjoyed by having a late and slow-paced dinner at one of the enchanted and old restaurants along the canals. Sip wine, enjoy a variety of cicchetti (tapas), and enjoy the simplicity of the sound of the canals, the cool breeze coming off of the lagoon, and the gentle lights illuminating the enchanted city of Venice. After dinner, you can stroll through the Piazza San Marco and enjoy the many illuminated buildings, or venture off into some of the lesser-known areas of the city. Straying off of the beaten path is a luxury you can enjoy without fearing for your safety as you are enjoying Venice at night. Depending upon how you define a good time, the best Venice nightlife may best be enjoyed by taking your time, drinking wine, and getting to know the city slowly.

Venice Italy nightlife offers something for just about anyone. If you need to be entertained into the early morning hours, there are a couple of clubs for you. If you rather enjoy taking it easy, visiting cafes, eating at fine restaurants, and taking relaxed walks through the city, you may find Venice at night to be an unbeatable experience.

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