Rialto Market

Rialto Market is a popular gathering place for tourists, and depending upon how you look at it, can actually be a tourist trap. Nonetheless, it is an amazing attraction that has been around since the eleventh century in one form or another. The good news is, along the Rialto Bridge and the surrounding areas, there are a number of markets, stores, and gift shops, selling everything from seafood and produce, to trinkets, souvenirs, and clothing. Rialto is not only the best market in Venice, it is the most widely recognized market as well. At one time in history, it was one of the largest and most important markets in all of Europe. When you visit Venice, you should make it a point to meander through the crowds of the Mercato di Rialto. Just be cautious if you do any meandering during the weekends of the summer months. In that event, your meandering is likely to turn into bouncing off of other tourists quickly.

Rialto Market Venice
Rialto Market Venice

For quite some time (until the nineteenth century), the Rialto Bridge was the only one crossing the Grand Canal. This made the Rialto Market even more prevalent. To this day, the bridge and the central portions of the market serve as something of a tourist beehive when it’s busy, although you can stray off of the bridge onto the side streets and alleys where the real bargains are to be found. While it is in fact the best market in Venice, if you stick too closely to the main thoroughfare that centers around activity on the bridge, you can expect to pay top dollar, even for the smallest and cheaply made trinkets.

Rialto Market
Rialto Market

The allure of shopping at the Mercato di Rialto is that it is much like an experience set out of time. As you shop, you will notice the barges coming in, delivering fresh catches. You will also witness the people who have been operating these stores and markets for years and years. Enjoy a glass of wine, buy seafood fresh off the back of a boat, or simply people watch at this most interesting destination in Venice.

Rialto Fish Market
Rialto Fish Market

The Rialto Market is open from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Fish can be purchased from Tuesday through Saturday. It is an interesting and unique market. For instance, there are independent vendors who have gone out that very morning to pick avocados, mushrooms, and may other fresh vegetables and fruits to sell that morning, making a visit to the Mercato di Rialto a fresh start to any day, especially if you have a vacation rental or apartment with a full kitchen. It is all a part of the lifestyle that pervades this city of romance and enchantment in northern Italy. The Rialto Market is easily the best market in Venice and one that is well worth visiting, especially if you want to try the finest in produce and seafood. You will also discover tons of shops where you can find everything from souvenirs and trinkets to high-end Italian designer clothing and jewelry, so you can do a little shopping for those people who did not get to come along with you on your trip.

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