Venice Shopping

Venice shopping is one of the most popular pastimes for individuals visiting this enchanted city in the north of Italy. You can find everything from high-end designer boutiques to low-end gift shops that sell trinkets and souvenirs. There are also a variety of markets and what can otherwise be considered shopping districts in the city of Venice. You can find fresh produce and seafood, and other items for which this city is renowned, including Venetian glass and the ornately decorated Carnevale masks. As you explore the city, you will come upon a variety of shops in Venice Italy where you will even be able to watch the artisans themselves craft and paint the famous Venetian masks. Before you finalize your itinerary for your trip, you will want to be aware of several areas in the city where you can locate specific items, including antiques, glass, books, art, and food and drink.

Venice Shopping
Venice Shopping

Venice shopping is an integral part of the overall tourism industry that has been absolutely vital to the economic survival of Venice for centuries. It is certainly not the most inexpensive destination in Europe, and you should expect to find artisans that have been selling their crafts in the same location for years, maybe even for generations. These types are not always amenable to bargaining, to say the least. Rather, as you are strolling through various shops in Venice Italy, you may notice that the best way to get a deal is to buy more than one item, or to spend a significant amount of money in the store. Many shop owners will extend discounts in these events, but do not expect to get far with haggling or bargaining.

Venice Italy Shopping
Venice Italy Shopping

Another good thing to keep in mind is that the price is generally commensurate with the quality of the item you are buying. In other words, even though Venice is an expensive city to begin with, if you find something that is inordinately cheap, the quality is likely to be questionable as well. There are, however, a variety of gift shops, and even some reasonably priced clothing boutiques on the Mercerie, between the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco.

If it is Venetian masks you are interested in purchasing, you will find a number of stores that sell the famous Carnavale accessories. You will have the double pleasure of watching the talented artisans painstakingly going about the task of painting the elaborately designed masks. There are many mask shops or bottegas, so the key will be locating the finer shops that sell the best masks. On the western border of the Piazza San Marco, there is a wide selection of arts and crafts stores where you can find the Venetian masks and a number of other locally made goods including jewelry, glassware, and pottery. Antiques can also be found in the Campo San Maurizio area between Campo Santo Stefano and Piazza San Marco.

As you are doing your Venice shopping, you will want to make sure to look into the local wine shops as well. Also, glassware is a major draw for tourists to the city, but exercise plenty of discretion and comparative shop before dropping too much money on the first item you see. There are enough stores, markets, and boutiques in Venice Italy to keep you happily shopping for days, if not weeks on end.

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