Train to Venice

A train to Venice can be a cost effective option for arriving in the City of Canals if you are staying in another part of Europe. Venice rail travel is a viable option for the thousands of people who visit Venice, but choose to stay in outlying areas such as Tessera, Mestre, and Padua. It is not altogether feasible for everyone who visits the city to stay in Venice proper. There is limited space and during the busiest months, the city tends to be overwhelmed in certain areas with tourist traffic. It is also expensive to stay in the city. Therefore, it is a much more workable situation for a lot of people to reserve an accommodation near Venice proper and pay the modest train fare to Venice. Trains can also be an excellent way to add Venice into a Eurail trip overall.

Venice Train Station
Venice Train Station

If you are taking a train to Venice or a train that is departing from Venice, you will be using the Venezia Santa Lucia (Venice Santa Lucia Train Station). The Venice rail system offers transportation not only to other cities in Europe, but also to destinations within Venice such as Marco Polo International Airport. For people staying in the capital city of Italy and looking to travel northeast to the ancient city in the Veneto region, it is convenient and relatively inexpensive to book a train from Rome to Venice. There are a number of longstanding providers who offer inexpensive service to a variety of cities around Italy. A train from Rome to Venice can be much more affordable than a domestic flight and traveling by rail allows you to take in the sights of the gorgeous Italian countryside as you travel from point to point.

Venice Airport Train
Venice Airport Train

Venice rail service is available from the Santa Lucia Train Station from 6 a.m. to midnight every day of the week. Trains run from the train station to Marco Polo International Airport every 30 minutes between 8:20 a.m. and 8:40 p.m. It is handy to know that you can also purchase tickets and access motorboats and buses from the train station as well. For people staying in the areas of Venice north of the Venetian Lagoon, all trains travel over the Ponte della Liberta (Freedom Bridge). This bridge serves as the lifeline between the Venetian mainland and outlying areas including Porto Marghera, Tessera, and Padua. It is much more cost effective for a lot of people to stay in these areas and take the train to Venice or a motorboat into the city to do sightseeing and enjoy the rich history and culture in Venice, than to stay in one of the higher priced hotels on the mainland. Venice rail service makes it possible for many more people to enjoy the city than might otherwise be able to if there was no structured system of public transport. Venice is well equipped with motorboats (vaporettos), gondolas, trains, and cabs (outside the city).

Whether you are in need of a train from Rome to Venice or are simply traveling by train in and around the Venice area, you may find that using the rail system can save you money and make your trip much easier.

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