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Venice vacations are easily some of the most popular among all of the world’s top destinations. It is quite amazing to say the least, that in a region (Veneto) with less than 300,000 people, and in a city that has no cars or roads, Venice still consistently ranks in the top 30 or so destinations in terms of tourist traffic. The popularity of this ancient city situated in the enchanted Venetian Lagoon has made necessary the development of many of the outlying areas such as Padua and Mestre.


Venice Italy vacation packages are viable alternatives for people looking to travel to Venice, but save a little money on their transportation and accommodations by bundling the two together. These typically package together flights and hotels at the basic level, but may include any number of tours or other travel necessities. You can search with the booking tool on to find options.

If you are in search of luxury vacations to Venice, you will be most favorably impressed by the stunning, centuries-old hotels located along the Grand Canal. These are some of the most impressive accommodations not only in Italy, but all of western Europe. The history and longstanding tradition that emanates from every corner of the city makes a trip to Venice even more special.

Venice Vacation Packages
Venice Vacation Packages

Luxury vacations to Venice begin by choosing the right hotel. There are accommodations in the center of the Venetian mainland that will inspire and impress make even the most discerning and picky travelers. Many of the finest hotels offer Venice Italy vacation packages as well. Places like the Luna Hotel Baglioni, the Hotel Gritti Palace, and the Hilton Molino Stucky Venice provide classic luxury and amazingly well-appointed accommodations for each and every visitor that is lucky enough to reside inside its opulent walls. Luxury vacations to Venice can be spent drifting along the romantic canals, visiting amazing sites like the Basilica San Marco and the island of Burano, and enjoying simple pleasures like a delectable meal and fine glass of wine. No Venice vacations are complete, after all, without trying the sumptuous local fare and wine, and taking at least one trip by gondola down the Grand Canal. If you are a repeat visitor to the area, then perhaps the appeal of the expensive gondola ride has worn off by now. Seasoned visitors save money and get around faster by employing the services of the motorboats known as vaporettos.

Venice Italy Vacations
Venice Italy Vacations

Venice vacations are enriched by the ability to visit so many historic sites, from museums and churches, to galleries and landmarks. Destinations such as the Academy Gallery and the Correr Museum allow visitors the ability to enter into some of the most amazing art facilities in Italy. Tours of centuries-old churches like Santa Maria della Salute and the Church of the Madonna provide valuable insight into the history and traditions that have been alive and well in the city of Venice for over 1,000 years. Luxury vacations to Venice are quite unlike those to any other destination. First of all, forget about the noise and disruption of cars. If you can travel to the city outside the months of May to September, you will also be able to avoid much of the tourist congestion that occurs during these peak months.

Cheap Venice vacations are a bit more difficult to come by, but you can however look for hostels and other private rentals that are much cheaper than the hotels in the area. No matter what your budget may be, plan plenty in advance to take advantage of any available savings and to ensure availability. Also, Venice Italy vacation packages are another way to realize some savings and still stay in an excellent accommodation.

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