Venice at Night

Venice at night might just be the only thing that is more romantic than Venice during the day. This magical city quiets down significantly after the sun sets, due in part to the tendencies of the big tourist groups to return to their cheaper mainland hotels. Many day trippers who are staying at one of the area beach resorts also return to their lodging establishments of choice around sunset, and cruise passengers must often make it back to the ship before it gets too late. Diminished crowds means a more tranquil setting, but that’s not the only reason why Venice at night is such a seductive thing.

Venice is known for its glass blowing industry. The art of making Venetian glass has been around since well before the thirteenth century. In fact, by that time, many of the techniques that are used to this very day in the making of some of the finest pieces of glass art, were already being refined. Some of the finest glasswork in Venice is on display throughout the city in the form of lanterns. As the sun starts to set in the city, the lanterns begin to illuminate, adding a romantic edge to the streets, alleyways and waterfronts. It is undeniably charming and just one more reason to treat yourself to an evening stroll around town.

Venice Italy Night Attractions

Venice Italy Night Attractions
Venice Italy Night Attractions

Venice at night tempts tourists to get out and wander around. You don’t have to wander aimlessly, however. There are numerous places to break from your stroll and find some entertainment. One such place is St. Mark’s Square. The heart of the city, this world famous plaza is a great place to meet for an evening beverage or meal. Providing a soundtrack for such liaisons are the café orchestras, and if you’re in the mood, you can dance on the square. Traditional Vivaldi concerts are staged at any number of churches around the city and are also worth keeping in mind if you find yourself in Venice after dark, and you can entertain the idea of seeing a performance at the heralded Teatro La Fenice. Other Venice Italy night attractions include the casino at the Ca’Vendramin Calergi and the city’s bridges. Among the more famous Venice bridges are the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs. Such bridges take on a more romantic personality at night and serve as ideal places to watch the lights flicker on the waters of the canals.  

Venice Italy Bars

Venice Italy Bars
Venice Italy Bars

Venice, as is true of so many other European cities, has its fair share of bars and cafes. Among the most famous bars in town is Harry’s Bar, which opened in 1931 and has served such notable personalities as Ernest Hemmingway, Charlie Chaplin, Orson Wells, Peggy Guggenheim, and Woody Allen. Plenty of other Venice bars can also be great places to duck into, and if you’re looking to enjoy the club scene, you might venture over to Lido Island to mix and mingle with the younger crowd at Club 22. Molocinque is another club of note in Venice. A former theater, this large complex has several themed dance areas to go with its 12 different bars. For a Venice café experience at night, we recommend heading to the Caffé Florian. This is the oldest and most famous café bar in the city. It has been popular for discreet meetings since the 1700s and calls St. Mark’s Square home. As is true of Harry’s Bar, the Caffé Florian has entertained its fair share of famous people. Past guests include the likes of Casanova, Lord Byron and Charles Dickens. As a side note, while Venice is fantastic at night, it isn’t exactly Europe’s top destination for partying late into the morning hours. Some of the cafes and bars are known to close before midnight.   

Venice Night Tours

Venice Night Tours
Venice Night Tours

>There are various Venice night tours that can help you make the most of your evening adventures. Among the most obvious and most popular are the gondola tours. Imagine gliding along the Grand Canal after dark, perhaps with some musicians on board to serenade you and your significant other. Sure, the Venice gondolas tend to charge a lot more at night, but you could argue that evening rides are a must for romantics. To save some money, you can divide the costs. Many of the gondolas allow up to six people. Gondola tours in Venice can include more than just a gondola ride. There are gondola tours that include dinner in the St. Mark’s area, for example. Other ideas for Venice night tours include walking tours in the Jewish Ghetto that include wine and appetizer sessions and ghost and legends tours that highlight the haunted side of things and famous personalities from the past.

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