Venice Water Taxi Service

Venice water taxi service is perhaps the most enviable way to get around this city. While a much more common mode of transportation, especially among residents of Venice, are the vaporetti (or motorboats), water taxis remain a viable and popular option. They are much like the limousines of Venice. There are no roads or cars in Venice and a private Venice water taxi is about as luxurious as it gets when it comes to public transportation in the City of Canals. They feature large cabins with leather upholstery, open-air seating, and an overall luxurious experience. A private captain will take you to wherever you wish to go in the city, whether it is to visit all of the attractions in the Piazza San Marco, or to get to your terminal at Marco Polo International Airport.

Venice Water Taxi Service
Venice Water Taxi Service

Water taxis from Venice Airport are a pricey, but popular option. If you are in a large group, you can bring down the price by splitting the fare. It takes between 20 and 30 minutes using water taxis from Venice airport to get into the historic city center. Rides using the Venice water taxi service within the city (along the Grand Canal for 30 minutes for instance) is a much cheaper option, but for those looking to get from point A to point B with as little fanfare as possible, the best bet for the money remains the vaporetti.

Water Taxi Venice Italy
Water Taxi Venice Italy

While the stereotypical image of Venice is that everyone is getting around on gondolas, most of the time this is not true. Nowadays gondolas largely only serve ceremonial purposes (weddings, funerals, anniversaries) and may not even exist in their current form were it not for the regular influx of eager tourists. Residents of the city are more likely to use the vaporetti if they are not using a private Venice water taxi. The only times residents of Venice seem to use gondolas at all is when they employ the services of the standing gondolas, known as traghetti. For around 50 cents these gondolas will take you across portions of the canals where there are no viable bridges. You can offset the cost of enjoying the luxury of the Venice water taxi service by occasionally taking one of the traghetti or simply walking.

Venezia Water Taxi
Venezia Water Taxi

Renting a private Venice water taxi provides for a most romantic experience along the canals. You can reserve a boat where a fine dinner and bottle of wine awaits, along with a professional captain to take you to wherever it is that you may like to go. You may even find that the driver of your private Venice water taxi is willing to gently serenade you and your special someone as you float down the enchanted series of canals.

If you are in need of water taxis from Venice Airport, you will find a service booth on the arrivals level of the airport. Then you will board the boat, and depending upon where you are staying in Venice, will be transported to either the Venice Santa Lucia Railway, the Piazzale Roma, or even to the front door of your luxury hotel.

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